New development Bank headquarters building - gorgeous presentation of NorthGlass super glass

Date: 18 November 2022
Source: NorthGlass
New development Bank headquarters building - gorgeous presentation of NorthGlass super glass
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Date: 18 November 2022

The super glass of the whole project is made by Shanghai NorthGlass.

The BRICS New Development Bank headquarters building is the first international financial organization headquarters in Shanghai, but also another international organization project constructed by Shanghai NorthGlass after the project of the main venue of Qingdao summit. The project is located in the EXPO site A area of “ecological function”, and faces with Lujiazui financial center and “Oriental crown” EXPO China pavilion each other, which become the unique identity city stands and image window along the Huangpu Rive.

The architectural design concept of the New Development Bank with triangle symbolizes stability and balance, and the power of rotation represents innovation and development. The building plane keeps rotating and rising, forming a stable and changing five-segment shape, which means the integrated development of the five BRICS countries.

The New Development Bank consists of a 150-meter high main building and attached podium building. The super glass of the whole project is made by Shanghai NorthGlass, including 9.6x1.7m super glass in the lobby of the main building, 9.2x1.7m super glass in the banquet hall of the podium building and glass ribs of the same size. This is also a technically challenging part of the curtain wall glass of the New Development Bank headquarters.

NorthGlass has provided double SGP insulating Low-E laminated glass for the project, and 5 layers of ultra-white SGP laminated glass for attached glass ribs using embedded metal parts process, and each piece of glass embedded metal parts has required error less than 1mm, which means the glass processing precision requirements is very strict, at the same time such a large size of glass processing is a huge challenge, but Shanghai NorthGlass technical team has overcame technical difficulties, has innovated in terms of equipment and special process, and has finished product installation after the flatness and stress spots reaching the superior rating, which has got the affirmation of the owner.

The super glass facade of the New Development Bank can be described as an intuitive reflection of the quality. The super glass facade increases the overall permeability, greatly improves the lighting ability, and appears more shining under the reflection of sunlight. NorthGlass works with the design team and the curtain wall team to create a safe, efficient, healthy and humanized office space.

The New Development Bank project has successfully passed the three-star China Green Building, American LEED Platinum grade and three-star China Health Building certifications. The project provides a very good model for discussing the application of super curtain wall glass by bank headquarters in urban high-density areas. On the road of practicing the sustainable development of super-large building glass, NorthGlass constantly has innovated and developed. While participating in the construction of global landmark buildings, NorthGlass also contributes to the development of sustainable buildings in the new era.


600450 New development Bank headquarters building - gorgeous presentation of NorthGlass super glass

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