LiSEC and Crystal Units - entrepreneurs at eye level

LiSEC and Crystal Units - entrepreneurs at eye level
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Date: 17 April 2020

Top cooperation thanks to top service

Crystal Units is a family business that has been active in the glass industry for over 25 years. Over the years the company has continued to grow. Today, the company produces about 30 tons of glass products per day.

Crystal Units - entrepreneurs at eye level

Crystal Units - entrepreneurs at eye level


Broad product range, flat hierarchies and customer contact at eye level

Crystal Units was founded in 1994 and currently employs about 100 people. The company has two locations in London, with a total area of approximately 5,000 m². The company primarily manufactures insulating glass elements. In recent years the company has moved in a new direction. They now also offer heated glass, bonding, lamination etc. Crystal Units can also carry out work such as silicone bonding or toggle systems.

A special highlight in the product portfolio of the English glass processor is CUIN (= ultra-thermally efficient insulating glass). In this product, two panes are used instead of three for triple glazing and a film is placed in the middle where the third pane would be placed. This leads to higher energy efficiency and lower U-values. As a result, CUIN is more environmentally friendly and performs better than conventional glazing.

Crystal Units - entrepreneurs at eye level

The company is characterised by a flat hierarchy. In addition, the doors are always open for its customers. "Our customers can always come by and talk to us personally if they have any problems. We meet them at eye level", state the two managing directors Pankaj Gorsia and Vijay Halai. They agree: "We help our customers and guide them through their entire project."

The two say that they love to share their expertise and know-how and always make sure they find the right product for their customers "We can help our customers design their optimal product. We have a good team that has built up a lot of experience over the years," says Pankaj Gorsia. The company's good reputation through its customer proximity and product quality brings many advantages in the market and this positive word of mouth is one of the reasons for the organization's steady growth.

Crystal Units - entrepreneurs at eye level

Crystal Units - entrepreneurs at eye level


Glass Company of the Year

In 2019, Crystal Units won the G19 award in the "Glass Company of the Year" category. Vijay Halai and Pankaj Gorsia are delighted about the award: "We are proud to be Glass Company of the Year 2019. In an increasingly competitive market where market forces such as price erosion and "value engineering" unfortunately seem to become the norm, Crystal Units has made the strategic decision to be different. By adding value to our products and services, we strive to be the first choice for quality, reliability and responsibility in glass sourcing. With innovation and customer focus at the core of our values, combined with our extensive product range and knowledge base, Crystal Units has become the one-stop shop for all glass needs".

Crystal Units - entrepreneurs at eye level

Crystal Units - entrepreneurs at eye level


Top cooperation thanks to top service

The cooperation between Crystal Units and LiSEC began almost 20 years ago. Vijay Halai and Pankaj Gorsia remember: "We always dreamed of buying a LiSEC machine one day. With the actual investment in the first LiSEC machine, everything changed for us - into the positive". Today, approx. 95% of the machines and software in Crystal Units from LiSEC - from insulating glass lines to cutting tables and loading systems, everything is included.

Vijay Halai and Pankaj Gorsia are satisfied: "We have a very good business relationship with LiSEC. The technical support, the service, the feedback loops - we can't complain and are happy about the continuous exchange. Having also gained experience with other machine manufacturers, we can say with reasonable certainty that LiSEC is the right supplier for us, offering us the right machines and the right service, thus the perfect basis for us to run our business the way we want and need to".

Crystal Units - entrepreneurs at eye level

For Vijay Halai and Pankaj Gorsia, service is the main factor that sets LiSEC apart from the competition: "Anyone can sell, deliver and install a machine. It is the after-sales service that has to be top-notch - that's why LiSEC is the best choice. In the event that we have a problem with a machine at 10 o'clock in the evening, we can rely on the fact that someone from the service team is quickly available to help us quickly and competently. The service we get on the phone from Austria is second to none".

Crystal Units - entrepreneurs at eye level

What the two entrepreneurs particularly like about working with LiSEC is the honest communication. "If LiSEC says they're gonna do something, they do it." If the company has questions regarding machines, technical options or special functions, it will receive clear answers and no "maybe".

Roger Hafenscherer, LiSEC Service Manager, about the joint cooperation: "The cooperation already goes beyond a business relationship. I appreciate the honest exchange about strengths and weaknesses and our friendly relationship that has developed as a result. We are united by the understanding to improve together and to get the best out of the machines". In this way, both sides look positively into a common future.

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