caleoglas & LiSEC: A passion for glass

Christin Pannier, site manager, and Tino Graurock, operations manager © caleoglas
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Christin Pannier, site manager, and Tino Graurock, operations manager © caleoglas

Date: 12 July 2023

How high-quality insulating glass is produced with LiSEC machines in Nord Rostock.

caleoglas Rostock in the north of Germany is a member of the caleoglas group and specialises in the manufacture of top quality insulating glass. Working with a great deal of passion and attention to detail, the experienced team produces top quality insulating glass units that satisfy the highest quality standards, made in Germany. Each individual unit is manufactured with LiSEC machines with the highest precision and reliability, whereby caleoglas Rostock always goes one step further and continuously invests in the future. Last year, for example, the company purchased a LiSEC VHW-F washing machine for glass.

caleoglas Nord Rostock & LiSEC: A passion for glass
© caleoglas


The caleoglas Nord GmbH branch in Rostock started out in October 1990 as DGG Rostock mbH, which itself was established by a spin-off of the glass division of VEB Baustoffversorgung. In 1996, the company relocated to its new site, just 10 minutes outside Rostock. Today, as a full-range supplier, caleoglas Rostock offers the complete portfolio of caleoglas group products and supplies the glass processing trade throughout Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Of the caleoglas group's total of 450 employees, 30 are based at the Bentwisch site, which specialises in the production of insulating glass. The scope of insulating glass on offer (which also accounts for the largest share of sales) is broadly diversified and ranges from standard insulating glass, insulating glass with heat, sun and sound insulation, to safety insulating glass. A particularly innovative product is the extra-light insulating glass, which exhibits excellent thermal insulation values. caleoglas has a solution available for almost every requirement and this is intimated by the company name. Derived from "caleo", the Latin word for "to be inflamed with passion", the name alludes to the company's passion for implementing customised glass solutions.


Today, the site in Rostock-Bentwisch boasts an extensive range of LiSEC machinery. Shortly after moving to the site, caleoglas' equipment was expanded to include a LiSEC bending machine and a frame mounting station. In 2004, the company purchased a LiSEC VFL-1D sealing unit. Over the past three years, the caleoglas machine fleet has been further complemented by a new LiSEC RSV frame mounting and inspection station, a new LiSEC FPS press with a specially developed nozzle system, which ensures turbulence-free gas filling of insulating glass units with a weight of up to 250 kg/m with the highest filling degree value, and a new LiSEC BSV-45NK bending machine with a 15-slot profile magazine for the production of spacer frames. The most recent installation, in 2022, was a LiSEC VHW-F washing machine. This system has automatic detection of the glass coating, glass thickness scanning and an integrated pre-washing zone. Furthermore, the brush speed regulation is variable, which ensures a gentle washing process. 


What is the function of a glass washing machine?

A washing machine is used in the glass industry to thoroughly and gently clean glass sheets. The washing machine removes dirt, dust and other impurities from the surface of the glass before it is further processed.

Why are good washing results so important?

If good washing results cannot be achieved, contamination must be removed manually at the inspection station, which leads to major time losses. Furthermore, the inside of an insulating glass unit can no longer be cleaned afterwards, resulting in impurities on the unit.

What is the average service life of a glass washing machine?

The average service life of a washing machine depends on many factors. These include, for example, how often the system is maintained, the production quantity and the environmental conditions in which the system is operated. This results in a service life window of 10-30 years.

Further information on the VHW-F LiSEC washing machine: 

Christin Pannier, site manager, and Tino Graurock, operations manager, remain impressed by the quality of the LiSEC machines and would choose them time and time again. Thanks to LiSEC's complete solutions, caleoglas can obtain all the systems it needs for insulating glass production, while also ensuring seamless interaction between the machines. Perfect interaction is the key to success. This is also reflected in the experienced team at caleoglas, which considers close cooperation and a family atmosphere to be greatly important. This lays the foundation for top quality insulating glass production. However, the right machinery is also crucial in achieving consistent high quality. LiSEC impresses here - both with continuity and with the possibility of individually configuring the machines. Thanks to the large number of additional options available for LiSEC systems, you can configure the system to best suit your own production needs. "What we also like about the LiSEC machines in particular is their straightforward operation and the uniform user interface. This makes it quicker and easier for us to train the employees and makes the operator's work easier," say Christin Pannier and Tino Graurock. 


Insulating glass is produced at caleoglas Rostock in shifts. Immediate access to a service team is therefore vital for the company. "LiSEC stands out above all because of its round-the-clock accessibility. The majority of problems can be resolved online, which significantly minimises downtime," says the operations manager of caleoglas Rostock. The company appreciates the good cooperation with the competent LiSEC sales department, and the option of viewing the systems at the site of a reference customer beforehand. The all-round package offered by LiSEC is coherent for the company - meaning that nothing stands in the way of future cooperation.


caleoglas Rostock is looking with a great deal of positivity to the future and will continue to focus primarily on insulating glass production. This will allow the company to optimally cater for trends towards ever larger insulating glass units and higher thermal insulation values. Furthermore, the proportion of triple insulating glass units is rising steadily. As in Austria, Germany is currently experiencing a decline in house and apartment construction due to interest rate policies. Therefore, the hope is that the renovation market will be boosted in the future. Further investment in LiSEC technology is presently under consideration. caleoglas is already delighted with the new VFL-1F sealing machine, which impresses with its unique mode of operation - thanks to the patented Full Support Belt system for transporting insulating glass units without their corner areas coming into contact with the support jaws and permanent support of the middle glass sheet, which prevents the intermediate sheet from sinking.

Further information on the LiSEC VFL-1F sealing machine: 

600450 caleoglas & LiSEC: A passion for glass

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