Sparklike’s non-destructive insulating gas measurement technologies presented at Vitrum 2021

Sparklike’s non-destructive insulating gas measurement technologies presented at VITRUM 2021
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Date: 9 September 2021

Sparklike Oy from Finland, the developer the world’s first and only non-destructive insulating gas analyzers, will be attending the Vitrum in October 5-8 at the Fiera Milano.

Keeping pace with high performing insulating glass products is a struggle for quality control. Sparklike’s non-destructive testing method makes it possible to measure even most complex insulating glass structures and deliver tested products to end-users.

Glazing products today have higher and higher performance needs, and the awareness and requirements for better products are growing steadily. Today’s glass products carry a wide range of elements enhancing their properties. One main property is the energy efficiency in both heated and cooled buildings. The energy properties can be enhanced with various methods, such as coatings, multiple glass layers and inserting a medium in between.

A common insulating enhancement in modern insulating glass (IG) unit is filling it with argon or krypton gas. The challenges are confirming the correct filling degree and ensuring that the initial gas concentration will remain inside the insulating glass unit (IGU).

Measuring at the IG production line and at construction site
Measuring at the IG production line and at construction site

Even though clear standards do not exist in all areas, the industry and manufacturers have formed best practices to produce high quality insulating glass. The fact that small molecule gas is prone to leakage is a challenge, and thus manufacturers aim to ensure the maximum possible content of argon after the gas filling – typically 95% and over.

A gas escape could occur from improper sealing of the IGU, and this needs to be tested prior to shipping the IG to customers. Product liability for the insulating glass and window suppliers can last several years after the initial delivery of the product. Thus, they are looking ways to increase the security of the gas fill.

Sparklike Oy will demonstrate their non-destructive measuring technologies - Sparklike Handheld™ and Sparklike Lasers™ on the stand M12, Pavilion 24P

Sparklike Handheld™

Technology of the Sparklike Handheld is based on plasma emission spectroscopy. A high voltage spark is launched in the IG unit’s cavity causing a light emission which is observed and analyzed further. Based on the color of the ionized gas, the argon content is calculated automatically.

Handheld spark
Handheld spark

Sparklike Laser Portable™ and Laser Integrated™

The Sparklike Laser technology is capable to measure both non-destructively, and through coatings and laminations. The laser technology allows testing of complicated structures, such as energy efficient triple glazed units.

This laser technology applies modulated laser beam into the IG, and by measuring the reflection, intensity and harmonic changes in signal, it can determine the oxygen content inside the cavity. Oxygen concentration can be then converted into insulation gas percentage. As the laser technology measures the oxygen level, it can measure the percentage of any gas.

Principle of the laser beam measuring coated triple glazed IGU
Principle of the laser beam measuring coated triple glazed IGU

The laser technology is available as Laser Portable 2.0 device, but also as an IG line integrated automated insulating gas measurement station Laser Integrated. Whether you are looking for a compact device or a fully automated measuring station, you will find it from our innovations.

Since its founding in 2000, Sparklike has delivered over 2200 non-destructive Handheld and Laser measuring devices to more than 70 countries all over the world.

600450 Sparklike’s non-destructive insulating gas measurement technologies presented at Vitrum 2021

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