Solutia Colors PT Cruiser Big Sky, PT Super Cruiser

Date: 15 November 2002
Source: Solutia
Whether the sunroof is open or closed, sky is what passengers of DaimlerChrysler's PT Cruiser Big Sky see on the latest rendition of the popular niche vehicle, shown today at the SEMA show.

In the closed position, though, passengers are seeing sky through an innovative glazing system utilizing interlayers supplied by Solutia Automotive. Solutia's interlayer also provides color to the PT Super Cruiser, also unveiled at the show.

"The PT Cruiser provides the foundation of what a true SEMA show vehicle can be," said Victoria M. Holt, Solutia vice president and general manager of the performance films division. "It cries out for customization. DaimlerChrysler and ASC have done a fantastic job of creating these showstoppers. We are proud to have been a part of them and to show that glazing systems are not just to look through, but to look at as well."

The interlayer used for the Big Sky sunroof is a combination of Solutia's Vanceva(TM) Color interlayer sandwiched with its Vanceva(TM) brand metallic interlayer which provides a textured, honeycombed look. Vanceva(TM) Color is used in the side and rear windows. Grupo Vitro supplied the glass.

Solutia, demonstrating the versatility of using an interlayer as a design element, matches the burgundy-colored interlayer specifically to the body- paint.

The PT Super Cruiser sports a complementary blue interlayer.

In addition to the aesthetic benefits, the Vanceva(TM) interlayer provides all the benefits inherent to laminated glass, including:

Sound reduction - testing of vehicles with laminated side glass versus tempered has shown a reduction of noise intrusion up to six decibels.

Protection of passengers and interior materials from UV ray penetration tests by the Australian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Agency showed a reduction in UV ray penetration of 90 percent using EPG versus 60 percent using ordinary tempered.

600450 Solutia Colors PT Cruiser Big Sky, PT Super Cruiser
Date: 15 November 2002
Source: Solutia

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