LiSEC: Bodesa delivers high quality IG

Bodesa delivers high quality insulating glass
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Date: 16 November 2020

The acquisition of an insulating glass line in 2008 was the starting signal for the successful cooperation.

24 years ago, Bodesa started with the manual production of insulating glass. Over the years, the company, based in Lithuania, has grown to become one of the largest and most modern insulating glass manufacturers in the Baltic countries. LiSEC was not uninvolved in this positive development - the successful cooperation has now lasted for over ten years.

Bodesa delivers high quality insulating glass
Image credit: Bodesa



Currently, Bodesa has 160 employees, the majority of whom work in production. The focus of the company is the production of insulating glass. The product portfolio also includes laminated glass, cut and tempered glass. In 2020, Bodesa achieved a turnover of 20 million euros. Most of the turnover - about 70-80% - is generated by direct exports to Estonia, Latvia and Poland.

Indirect exports to Scandinavia, Western Europe, Southern Europe, Central Europe, USA and Japan also play a role. Domestic sales account for only about 5%. "We have the most modern machinery in the Baltic countries with many different functionalities. This enables us to offer our customers a wide range of products of very high quality for a wide variety of applications," says Edvinas Šima, Director of Bodesa.

The company's top priority is to always meet the needs of its customers. Edvinas Šima understands: "We do not produce the final product for retail customers. Our good work can help our customers to get more orders and offer better solutions to their customers. The success of our customers is also success for us". Bodesa customers know that they can get the best quality at a reasonable price from the company in the shortest possible time.

To always guarantee the best possible quality for its customers, Bodesa is constantly developing. This includes, for example, the annual expansion of the current 7,000 m2 production facility. During the expansion three years ago, production has tripled, and many new investments have been made. The company will continue to expand in the future.

Bodesa delivers high quality insulating glass
Image credit: Bodesa



In 2008 Bodesa made its first investment in LiSEC. The acquisition of an insulating glass line was the starting signal for the successful cooperation. The second LiSEC insulating glass line was acquired in 2012, followed by the third in 2018.

Edvinas Šima is convinced: "LiSEC is the best supplier for insulating glass lines on the market!” He emphasizes LiSEC's spirit of innovation: "We can confirm how many innovative and good decisions LiSEC engineers make, because with every line acquired, functionality and efficiency has been improved. This gave us the opportunity to increase our production capacity".

Tomas Vasiliauskas, Managing Director UAB Lisec TCN, about the cooperation: “I was glad to be involved in all stages of Bodesa's production development on from the early beginning. They grew from working manually to being a modern façade producer that offers complex solutions. It is a pleasure to work with the Bodesa team and help them to realize their visions.”

What Šima appreciates most about LiSEC is the many years of experience as well as the competent consulting: "Every time we coordinate with the Austrian LiSEC engineers, we are impressed by the large number of ideas and suggestions they offer us". He remarks that this is the advantage of working with a globally active company: "The engineers have the opportunity to see the most diverse types of production organization worldwide and can thus show us a wide range of possible ways of doing things. We appreciate the discussion with the LiSEC engineers about different layouts with new machines".

Bodesa also has three LiSEC spacer bending machines. The newest one – a LiSEC BSV-45NK – was just bought this year. The BSV-45NK is an automatic bending machine for all common spacer frames. Highlights of the machine are, amongst other aspects, the high dimensional accuracy due to a precisely guided transport of profiles and the simple and intuitive interface with touch screen. Bodesa also uses LiSEC GPS.order for their order management. This enables them to speed up and automate quotation and order processing.

Bodesa delivers high quality insulating glass
Image credit: Bodesa
Bodesa delivers high quality insulating glass
Image credit: Bodesa



Edvinas Šima knows that customer requirements have changed. The needs of the market are constantly increasing - customers want a wider product range, shorter delivery times and better quality. Especially the topic of energy saving is also becoming more and more important. Šima emphasizes: "Heat conduction plays a major role. Our customers need more spacers for warm edges".

The company also sees changes in the production of insulating glass. For example, triple-glazed IG units accounted for about 30-40% five years ago. Today it is already 70%. "This is of course a challenge for us, as we produce double and triple units on the same line. Therefore, a very efficient line is of utmost importance for us - here we can rely on LiSEC," says Edvinas Šima. He emphasizes that the visual assessment is also important, and that attention is no longer paid only to technical details.

Bodesa's goal is to further expand its production capacity and develop the company. "We already have more orders than we can produce. Therefore, we need to think about new locations and new equipment to increase our capacity," Šima says. Like all other companies, Bodesa is feeling the effects of the Corona crisis. "It was a really challenging time for all of us. However, during the entire period our production did not stop for a single day. New customers were also acquired, and prices were adjusted," says Edvinas Šima about COVID-19. He is looking forward to the future positively.

Bodesa delivers high quality insulating glass
Image credit: Bodesa
Bodesa delivers high quality insulating glass
Image credit: Bodesa


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