Huge success for Fenzi Group at Glasstec

Huge success for Fenzi Group at Glasstec 2022
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Date: 5 October 2022

All of the Group’s business units were on display – Fenzi, Alu Pro, Rolltech, Fenzi AGT and Tecglass.

As in the past, the recently concluded edition of Glasstec proved to be a big win for the entire glass industry. And the Fenzi Group was among the headliners – with new technologies and products on the cutting edge of technical performance and production.

Visitors from around the world applauded the many innovations on display in the unique-concept stand during the four days of the show, reaffirming the Group’s leadership position as a primary global provider of chemicals for secondary glass processing for the entire industry.

All of the Group’s business units were on display – Fenzi, Alu Pro, Rolltech, Fenzi AGT and Tecglass – with the most extensive and complete range of sealants and spacers for high-performance IG units; mirror-backing paints and silvering solutions; cold-process decorative paints and ceramic inks for all kinds of applications; special glass enamels and precious-metal pastes used in the automotive, electronics, tableware, ceramics and technical glass sectors; and the finest technology for digital printing on glass, featuring live demonstrations of a complete line.

With more than 80 years’ experience in the glass industry, backed by outstanding expertise and specialization, Fenzi again offered proof of its innovative prowess, drawing companies, buyers and the industry’s top players to its stand.

“We are living in notorious, complicated times, but in the pavilions and, above all, at our stand, the desire to meet one another again, after such a long time, was very clear. The excitement we felt during the show reaffirms the industry’s vitality and strength” stated Alessandro Fenzi, CEO of the Group. “For us, Glasstec consistently produces extremely encouraging results. Given our focus on optimizing product performance, we succeed in offering highly technological solutions that coincide perfectly with market demand for quality. A commitment acknowledged, to our great satisfaction, by visitors to the Group’s stand, that confirms the validity of our strategic vision – which is to focus on the flat and hollow glass industry, offering diversified, targeted products.”

Products on display

High-performance insulating glass solutions.

High-tech Fenzi Group products for energy-efficient buildings are designed to improve the thermal performance of windows and architectural facades and ensure exceptional indoor comfort. From primary and secondary barrier sealing solutions with the most advanced eco-compatibility features, offered by Thiover, Poliver, Hotver and Butylver, to the world’s most complete range of warm edge spacers, including the Butylver TPS thermoplastic spacer for the utmost in production automation that, along with Multitech, Chromatech Ultra and Thermix Tx Pro, is garnering ever-greater popularity on the international market. Extremely low PSI values mean a sizable reduction in a window’s thermal transmittance and a very positive impact on energy efficiency, these products work seamlessly with robotic or manual application to meet all production needs. Made of different materials, formulated to provide an impenetrable barrier to gas and humidity, they also ensure a high degree of mechanical stability. These are only some of the characteristics offered by this unique range of products.

Automation and precision with Tecglass digital printing.

Digital printing on glass will be center-stage at Glasstec. With live demonstrations at the stand, the Group’s digital branch showcases its unique turnkey digital printing solutions, proved and present for 15 years by the world’s leading manufacturers of printed glass. Over the years Tecglass has developed an industrial printing process that prints in high-definition directly on a normal washed glass and simplifies digital printing on glass like any other glass process. Thanks to the company’s extensive experience in this sector, Tecglass delivers comprehensive solutions for glass processors planning to switch to digital, perfect for any field of application ‒ architecture, automotive, home appliances and industrial refrigeration. Printing results were clearly displayed in a gallery of digitally printed glass decorations with new collections of creative patterns and textures developed by Tecglass designers for the world of interior decor and architecture.

Energy-efficient enamels from Fenzi AGT for the utmost in streamlined production.

At Glasstec, Fenzi AGT, center of global excellence for special glass enamels and precious-metal pastes, showcased its innovative ceramic enamels for automotive glass which optimize the production process by delivering extremely high-level performance. The new laminating enamel S2-IR, applied to side 2 of the windshield, eliminates one phase (pre-firing) of the production process, leading to a significant reduction in production costs and ensuring the already highly sought-after optical-density performance offered by all Fenzi AGT enamels for the automotive industry. By considerably decreasing energy consumption and production times, eliminating the need for the pre-firing process and ensuring improved printability, Fenzi AGT sets new quality standards in automotive enamels.

Maximum freedom of expression for hollow glass.

The stellar lineup of Fenzi products for hollow glass features ceramic paints, precious-metal pastes and water-based paints developed in the Group’s laboratories ‒ technologies capable of expanding the possibilities for decoration of glass bottles, tableware and packaging, while achieving excellent results with all types of production processes. Fenzi paints and enamels ensure the utmost in freedom of expression, are extremely versatile and developed for all types of applications ‒ from the water-based organic AquaglassXpack paints, perfect for producing surfaces with transparent, opaque and metallic colors with low VOC content, to Tempver HG enamels with outstanding chemical resistance and durability, to the selection of Fenzi AGT decorative inks with precious metals that possess excellent painting properties for high-quality decorations with superior durability.

Extremely effective mirror backing with low environmental impact.

The Fenzi Group’s extraordinary focus on the development of low-environmental-impact products is also aimed at the historic business unit dedicated to mirror-backing paints and solutions for mirror manufacturing. Here, the importance of Duralux Water Based mirror-backing paints developed by the Fenzi labs gains traction thanks to their contribution to the production of high-quality, eco-friendly mirrors with outstanding reflective, safety and chemical resistance properties. By leveraging water as the formulation base, the Duralux Water Based line signals a giant leap ahead for manufacturers, processors, end users and the environment.

Tempver. When glass is synonymous with design.

The different lines of Tempver paints for screen printing, enameling and satin-finish on glass – developed for use in design, architecture and home appliances – are a powerful, reliable tool that can combine construction versatility and bold visual impact, thanks to a vast array of available colors. For some time now, the Fenzi Group has developed low-environmental-impact technologies for this product line. The company offers heavy-metal-free enamels for the construction industry, furnishings and the home appliance sector, all absolutely compliant with current industry regulations. The Tempver range is available in two color lines that can all be mixed among themselves. Such outstanding chromatic flexibility makes it possible to prepare on-demand color samples in RAL, RAL design, Pantone and NCS shades and, for specific needs, to create any color, including satin-finish and metallic. On the Tempver website, explore all the new colors and a handy database where you can prepare your own personalized color blend.

600450 Huge success for Fenzi Group at Glasstec

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