Equipment for Ensuring Airtight Sealing of Insulating Glass Units | Sparklike

Date: 9 April 2024
Source: Sparklike
Equipment for Ensuring Airtight Sealing of Insulating Glass Units | Sparklike
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Date: 9 April 2024

The integrity of the seal is a crucial part of insulating glass units (IGUs) and their functioning.

This blog post explores the critical importance of seal durability, the methods to ensure the airtight sealing of IGUs, and the role of Sparklike devices in verifying the effectiveness of these seals.

Understanding Seal Durability in IGUs

Seal durability is a key factor in maintaining the energy efficiency and longevity of IGUs. Over time, environmental stressors can impact the seal’s integrity, affecting the IGU’s performance. Regular assessment and maintenance are crucial for long-term viability.

The seal’s integrity is vital for the hermetic sealing of IGUs. Ensuring that this seal remains intact over time is crucial for the unit’s thermal performance and longevity. Various methods, including advanced technologies, are used to assess this integrity.

Sparklike Devices: Ensuring Seal Integrity

Sparklike devices offer a non-invasive yet effective way to measure the gas concentration within IGUs, a direct indicator of seal condition. These devices provide a quick and accurate way to ensure that the seal is functioning as intended.

Sparklike devices:

Demonstrating the Effectiveness of Sparklike Devices

In the video below, our Chinese customer, Blue Star Special Glass, demonstrates the effectiveness of the Sparklike Handheld device. This video is from Weihai Blue Star Special Glass Limited Company that is a glass deep-processing enterprise directly subordinate to Shan-dong Blue Star Glass Group. They produce various Low- E coated glass, solar controlled Sun-E coated glass, insulating glass for curtain walls, tempering glass, semi-tempering glass, interlayer glass, coated glass and its composite product using top float glass as main raw materials. 

Weihai Blue Star Special Glass showcase on the video how an IGU, after being submerged in a water tank, retains its gas concentration level, proving the sealant’s effectiveness. This practical demonstration highlights the reliability of Sparklike devices in real-world scenarios and how Blue Star Special Glass value quality.


The Role of Gas Concentration in Seal Integrity

The concentration of insulating gas inside an IGU is crucial. A drop in this level can indicate seal failure. Sparklike devices help in measuring this concentration accurately, aiding in early detection and maintenance.

Enhancing IGU Longevity and Performance

Regular testing with Sparklike devices not only ensures seal integrity but also enhances the overall durability and performance of the IGU. Early detection of issues can lead to timely repairs, extending the unit’s lifespan. Read our article “Longevity of Windows: A Guide to Maintaining and Maximizing the Lifespan of Gas-Filled IGUs”.


Airtight sealing is essential in the functionality of IGUs. With the innovation of Sparklike devices, assessing and maintaining this integrity has become more efficient and accurate. The real-world application by Blue Star further validates the effectiveness of these devices in maintaining energy-efficient and durable IGUs.


600450 Equipment for Ensuring Airtight Sealing of Insulating Glass Units | Sparklike

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