Buildings, Bridges and Cars Receive Accolades for Creative, Functional Utilization of Laminated Glass

Date: 27 December 2005
Source: Solutia
Bold use of color dominated the entries in this year’s seventh annual 2005 Solutia International Design Awards, which honor excellence in designing with laminated glass.

For the first time in the competition’s history, automotive entries were accepted, adding an exciting new dimension to the award program. The award program recognizes architects, interior designers, automotive designers and laminators for their outstanding architectural and automotive design projects demonstrating innovative use of any Solutia brand of glazing products, including Vanceva®, Saflex® and KeepSafe® interlayers for laminated glass. The widespread use of colored interlayers in the winning projects, both automotive and architectural, are indicative of a growing trend towards the use of color and metallic in design projects.

Marking an industry first, Solutia Inc. (OTCPK: SOLUQ) assembled a jury that included some of the industry’s most noted designers from the architectural, industrial design and automotive worlds. “It was an extraordinary experience to witness how designers from such diverse backgrounds viewed projects,” said Jay Pyper, market development director for Solutia Automotive in Detroit. “In the end, good design triumphed and the jury was able to reach a consensus with lively and spirited discussion throughout the one-day session.”

“Everyone involved came away with a renewed enthusiasm for how Solutia products can be used, whether it be in a sleek automobile or a magnificent building,” according to Stephany Davenport, market development manager for Solutia Architectural.

Entries were judged on the following criteria:
• Degree of attention paid to the overall aesthetic and functional value (form and function) of the laminated glazing.
• Significance of the design in regard to new and developing applications of laminated glazing.
• Creative use of laminated glass.
• Overall aesthetic appeal of the project.

The winning architectural and automotive projects will receive a glass sculpture crafted by renowned American artist Laurel Fyfe.

The 2005 Solutia International Design Award Winners are:


Sundial Bridge
Location: Redding, California
Architect: Santiago Calatrava, Zurich, Switzerland
Laminator: Oldcastle Glass®, Freemont, California

Designed by one of the world’s most noted architects, this graceful glass pedestrian bridge has transformed its home city of Redding, California into an overnight landmark. A complex system of backlit laminated glass panels incorporating translucent Vanceva Arctic Snow interlayers adds a beautiful, yet sturdy, focal point for the bridge’s walkway, providing a unique sensory experience for all those who make the crossing.

“The use of laminated glass is inherent to the solution,” said one of the judges. All jury members agreed that the choice of material for the bridge adds to the extraordinary experience of walking across a glass bridge during the day and night. “The beautiful detailing on this project makes it exceptional,” said a juror.

Woerman Tower (Mixed-use Retail & Residential Center)
Location: Gran Canaria, Spain
Architect: Abalos & Herreros, Gran Canaria, Spain
Laminator: Cricursa Cristales Curvados SA, Barcelona, Spain

Hues of yellow and green Vanceva interlayers hint at the beautiful natural surroundings of this majestic tower on the isthmus that leads to Gran Canaria, Spain. Because of the building’s height, Vanceva interlayers were used throughout the building’s façade to provide safety, security and wind resistance.

“As the sun conditions change, so does the experience from inside the building. The overhanging sunscreens also provide another layer of interest,” commented one juror. “Subtle pixelation created by the Vanceva interlayers on the building made this project especially noteworthy. The use of ribbon curved laminated glass also gives the tower a sleek, aerodynamic look.”


Urasoe Cultural Center
Location: Okinawa, Japan
Architect: Kyoto University and Shin Takamatsu Architect and Associates, Kyoto, Japan
Laminator: Nisseki Glass Kogyo Co., Ltd., Toyama, Japan

The architectural team’s goal was to create a uniform curtain wall that would resist the harsh climate. Vanceva metallic interlayer provided a shimmering complement to the stunning simplicity of this cultural center in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan.

“The use of uniform metallic interlayers provides an elegant solution that unifies the project, while maintaining transparency,” according to one juror. “The use of metallic interlayers gives a depth to the façade while helping to visually connect the building across an incredibly taut plane.” The entire building is compelling from a sculptural standpoint,” said another juror. “There is sweetness in the subtlety of this project.”

Parkhaus Berlin (Auto Garage)
Location: Berlin, Germany
Architect: Kny & Weber, Berlin, Germany
Laminator: Thiele-Glaswerke, Wermsdorf, Germany

The experience of parking a car becomes a dramatic ascent into color and light, as architects re-vitalize an ordinary parking garage in a busy retail and tourist district in Berlin. The brilliant Vanceva color interlayers transform the panels that surround the garage, designed to integrate the structure with the colorful urban neighborhood in which it is located.

The jury agreed upon the extraordinary experience that the interior of this structure provides for those entering the car park. “It is a short visceral experience not easily forgotten,” said a juror. Of all the projects reviewed, the jury felt the Parkhaus Berlin Auto Garage provided the greatest perceptual impact upon the individual. The automotive judges particularly appreciated the boldness of this project and the attention given to the simple act of parking a vehicle.

Infantile Center (Children’s Center)
Location: Guadalajara, Spain
Architect: Lorenzo Architects, Guadalajara, Spain
Laminator: Arino Duglass, Zaragoza, Spain

Child’s play becomes an exploration of ever changing color and light in this Spanish school. Parents and children alike are delighted by the ultramodern aesthetics of this building swathed in brilliant blues, greens, reds, pinks, yellows and oranges attributed to the creative use of Vanceva color interlayers in laminated glass.

“This project promises simplicity from the street level,” said a juror. “The spaces are refreshing and the use of color is restrained, while providing a changing, sunlit environment for the children that play in the center.”

Creche Lauzin (Daycare Center)
Location: Paris, France
Architect: Atelier Architectes, Paris, France
Laminator: Pilkington, Paris, France

New life and youth are injected into the formerly inhospitable windowless façade of this Paris daycare center through use of pastel colored glass panels. The Vanceva interlayers create the colorful conduit for soft light transforming the interior and exterior atmosphere into a safe, yet welcoming, impact-resistant environment for the toddlers attending the school.

The jury members all appreciated the subtle use of color on this project along with the architect’s inventive use of glass to unify the entire building and provide light, depth and transparency. “The elongated colored glass panels provide youthfulness and vitality that helps breathe a new life into an uninspired older building. This was a very appropriate use of the material to solve a challenging design problem,” commented a juror.


Citroën C4
OEM Design Studio: Citroen, Paris France
Laminator: Rioglass SA, Agoncillo La Rioja, Spain

The Citroen C4 features a panoramic sunroof that makes a stunning contribution to the vehicle’s overall styling while enhancing passenger comfort and creating a remarkable sense of space and light. The advanced solar interlayer technology features IR-absorbing nanoparticles that effectively allow increased light in the cabin without the concerns associated with solar heat gain and UV ray penetration.

Volvo 3CC
OEM Design Studio: Volvo Monitoring and Concept Center, Camarillo, CA
Concept Glass Artist: Fox Fire Glass, Pontiac, Michigan
Laminator: Standard Bent Glass, Butler, Pennsylvania

Laminated with Solutia’s Vanceva color and metallic interlayer, the three overhead glass panels give a nearly seamless carbon fiber appearance to match the roof’s structure. The other glazing positions in the vehicle utilized Vanceva color to compliment the shade used in the roof while blending beautifully with the car body’s paint color. Equally important to this Michelin Challenge Bibendum entry (an eco–friendly vehicle competition) were the weight savings, along with the IR reflective properties of the metallic interlayer.

“The two prize-winning cars, the Citroen C4 and Volvo 3CC, are outstanding in that they utilize glass and its unique properties as intrinsic elements in their design,” said one of the jurors. “In both instances, glass is employed to significantly enhance the aesthetic value and functionality of each vehicle.”

600450 Buildings, Bridges and Cars Receive Accolades for Creative, Functional Utilization of Laminated Glass

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