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POLFLAM is a Polish producer of fire-resistant glass.

The company has operated in the glass sector since 1992. Over that time, we have gained a thorough knowledge of both fire-resistant glass and the fitting systems in use.

We make our glass:

  • according to our own proprietary technology,
  • from raw materials that we permanently keep in stock.

As we are the sole hydrogel producer for fire-resistant glass in Poland, so we are not reliant on any suppliers, which allows us to offer:

  • minimum order-to-delivery times,
  • attractive prices for our products.

Our experience and professionalism is backed up by:

  • thousands of successful installations all over Europe,
  • appreciation expressed by investors and contractors.

We offer both the product and a systematic approach to service:
We specialise in the following areas:

  • production and sales of fire-resistant glass,
  • laboratory facilities for the testing of glass and complete structures,
  • advisory services and training.

We shall be eager to co-operate with:

  • producers of aluminium, steel and wooden joinery,
  • system providers of any type of fire-resistant perforated joinery,
  • architects, construction engineers and developers.


POLFLAM’s mission statement is to provide products that ensure safety.

This imposes a serious commitment upon us:

• glass products leaving the POLFLAM factory are of the highest quality and meet any technical standard,
• both the glass sheets and the hydrogel are regularly tested in our company lab, while our products are subject to assessment by independent research institutes,
• we maintain highest level of production technology while launching subsequent new solutions.

Safety is not a luxury; it needs to be a prime concern.
Our priority is to offer state-of-the-art products that improve the safety of a building and satisfy or even exceed any required standards; products that are available at a reasonable price affordable to any investor.


„Available safety” – that is how we understand innovativeness and this philosophy governs our production activity.

Our glass has been used in a number of publicly- financed buildings, including schools, hospitals, sports halls and university buildings.
The facilities get more light and space and, most of all, ensure safety to all those inside the building.

We don’t just deliver our goods, send an invoice and say goodbye. We consider it equally important to provide consulting, to educate in the area of fire safety and constantly improve safety standards.


Fire-resistant glass POLFLAM®
POLFLAM fire-resistant glass is produced in all fire-resistance classes: EI 30, EI 60, EI 90, EI 120 and EI 180. It is of versatile application, both indoor and outdoor. POLFLAM® fire-resistant glass of any class holds the CE marking.
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POLFLAM® glass for facades
POLFLAM® fire-resistant glass makes facades of extraordinary transparency and excellent performance features.
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The latest structural systems with POLFLAM® SG glass allow obtaining perfectly smooth surface from the outside.

POLFLAM® fire-resistant glass has been based on i.a. GUARDIAN glass. 

It is exceptionally selective and thermally insulating.

An extremely high Lt factor guaranties perfect light transmittance, in the range of 70%.

The glass designed for facades is available in a range of fire-resistant classes: EI 30, EI 60, EI 90, and EI 120.

POLFLAM® fire-resistant glass in facades can be used with different joinery systems:

  • aluminium
  • steel

POLFLAM® glass for facades offers many advantages:

  • a wide range of colours and hues in selective glazing sealed with POLFLAM® unit
  • high-level solar protection
  • wide-range reflectivity of glazing
  • very high selectivity: high Lt factor, low SF
  • very low Ug factor = 0.5 for selective double-cavity units sealed with POLFLAM® unit
  • large sizes of sealed units 2200 x 4200 mm, i.e. better thermal parameters of the entire wall (facade)

Possibility to seal POLFLAM® fire-resistant glass with any float glass of high thermal properties available in the market (solar control, light transmittance, thermal insulation) improves the building’s energy balance.

Possibility to seal selective glazing with POLFLAM® glass guarantees the uniform aesthetic properties of the glass when fire-resistant facade is sealed with classless facade.

POLFLAM® H glass for skylights
The POLFLAM fire-resistant glass H is used in skylights. In fire incidents, the skylight panel becomes a rigid, opaque wall which stays in place and does not fall down.
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POLFLAM is the owner of the technology that makes it possible to improve the skylight parameters by means of putting in extra-function sheets in multiple-glazed units. These include thermal proofing, solar control and anti-theft functionality.

POLFLAM H is used in skylights in steel and aluminium frames tested for the following maximum dimensions:

  • steel – 2654 x 1174 mm
  • aluminium – 2200 x 1200 mm

Larger-sized units can be made for certain skylight system providers.


PRODUCT CHARTS (most popular joinery options):

Tilt angle 0°


Tilt angle 45°

POLFLAM® F glass for ceilings and stairs
POLFLAM F fire-resistant glass is used for ceilings and stairs. It is available in the fire-resistance classes REI 30, 45, 60, 90 and 120.
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We are capable of making POLFLAM F glass of various shapes within the outline 

of a rectangle of the maximum dimensions 2200 x 1650 mm. 

The thickness of the glass, subject to the dimensions of the form, varies from 46 mm to 110 mm.

Fire-resistant glazed ceilings and stairs provide for more daylight saturation while giving the users of the building maximum protection in an incident of fire.

POLFLAM offers glass for glazed ceilings and stairs of the load-bearing capacity 

of 5 kN/m2.

POLFLAM®F glass can be covered with antiskid screen print.

POLFLAM® FR glass for the frameless systems
POLFLAM fire-resistant glass FR in class EI 30, EI 60, EI 120, and in class EI 180 is applied in the FR frameless system, which enables installation of glazed fire-resistant partitions in walls of various kinds, without any frames.
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The surface of the FR system partitions can be as large as 4.5 m². The system makes it possible to install fire-resistant opaque glazing – made in RAL and NCS palette colours – without the need of double glazing.

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POLFLAM® BR glass for the frameless systems
POLFLAM® fire-resistant glass BR in class EI 30 and EI 60 is applied in the BR frameless system.
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Partitions made using that system can be as high as 4200 mm and the length of the partitions is unlimited after subsequent glass units are added.

The system allows for fire-resistant doors to be installed as part of the partition. The doors do not require any frames, either. The BR system partitions can be fixed to walls made of different materials: phermacell, hollow brick, checker brick, perforated brick or full brick, concrete or reinforced concrete. They can be joined well with plaster-wall partitions. The BR system makes it possible to combine – within a single unit – transparent sheets with opaque ones made in RAL and NCS palette colours.

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POLFLAM® Multiple-glazed glass in the classes from P5 to P7
POLFLAM also has on offer laminated multiple-glazed glass of increased resistance: in the classes from P5 to P7.
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The glass is applied in floors, display windows, and in doors, windows and facades.

Maximum dimensions of a laminated glass sheet can reach as much as 2400 x 5000 mm.

In the lamination process of the glass of an increased safety class we use thermo hardening film of the best available parameters: durable, weatherproof and with the UV filter.

All laminates can also be made with low-emission, solar-control film available in the market, etc.

The glass of increased resistance is manufactured from scratch in POLFLAM’s factory, using components kept permanently on stock, which secures uniquely short delivery times.

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