A+W Gantry Interface: How's inventory in the base glass storage?

A+W Gantry Interface: How's inventory in the base glass storage?
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Date: 20 August 2020

A+W has developed an interface for the automatic synchronization of glass inventories in glass storage systems.

Highly digitalized systems in networked systems enable the permanent exchange of real-time information of machines with software systems. A new, clever A+W interface between glass storage and A+W ERP system makes use of these possibilities. Thanks to the new A+W Gantry Interface, time-consuming synchronization, deviating inventories, and complicated manual corrections of glass inventories in the base glass storage are a thing of the past.

Have you experienced situations such as these? An employee in purchasing needs to know what the current inventory of a particular glass type is for a very important order. He can't reach the responsible people in production on the phone. So he sends a trainee to cutting. However, his contact is engaged on the break-out table, but is available 15 minutes later. The trainee receives the information and goes – after he has taken a quick smoke break – back to the office. Meanwhile, the colleague who sent him to cutting has gone to lunch. Two hours later, he finally has the information and he can finish his order.

With the A+W Gantry Interface, such situations are now a thing of the past. With this clever interface, the employees in purchasing have an up-to-date overview of the inventories in portal storage in the ERP stock system at all times. The synchronization interval can be configured at will. No more time-consuming manual stock information or corrections are necessary, not even for inventory.

Intelligent interfaces are the invisible champions in smart factories. They enable complex Industry 4.0 communication networks and ensure that the information is always available where it is needed.

A+W Gantry Interface: How's inventory in the base glass storage?

One such useful new interface is the A+W Gantry Interface. With it, the user can synchronize inventories in glass storage systems from Hegla, Bytronic, and Lisec with the A+W ERP systems A+W Business, A+W Business Pro, and A+W Enterprise. The user can specify the interval for synchronization.

The storage is completely automated; the actual inventories in the glass storage are always depicted in the stock module of the ERP system. In particular, purchasing will profit from the A+W Gantry Interface: employees always know, based on current figures, which glass types they have to order.

Benefits for the user:

  • With this clever interface, the user always has an up-to-date overview of the inventories in the portal storage.
  • The online connection enables continuously integrated processes from the ordering to consumption of glass in production.
  • No time-consuming manual inventory or stock correction in the ERP system is required.
  • Order suggestions in purchasing are always based on the current portal stock data.
  • Complex mapping permits the connection of several stocks from various manufacturers.
  • Cover sheets can be mapped via separate storage spaces and reused.
  • Expansion of the dynamic breakage organization/reporting.
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