Switchable insulating glass | Glas Trösch

Switchable insulating glass | Glas Trösch
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Date: 4 May 2022

Either as a tried-and-tested solution or innovative technology, our switchable sun protection glass keeps the heat out, offers reliable glare protection and saves a good deal of energy.

SILVERSTAR eyrise s350

The switchable façade glass with liquid crystal technology

In the dynamic solar control glass eyrise s350, the light and energy input is controlled via liquid crystals in the space between the glass sheets. At the heart of this innovative technology is licrivision®, a transparent liquid crystal mixture with special dye molecules. This mixture is placed between two glass sheets, that are coated with a transparent conductive film. Prompted by low voltage, the liquid crystals direction shifts and moves from a random position to a well-organized orientation.

In just one second, the eyrise s350 solar control glass can be darkened and then provides immediate protection from light and heat. If the sunlight increases or decreases over time, the light transmission can be stepless regulated and the tint of the windows adjusted. This sustainably reduces the expenses for air conditioning and lighting.

Switchable insulating glass | Glas Trösch

Functionality: Effective sun and glare protection; stepless regulation of light and energy input

Aesthetics: Windows remain transparent in both darkened and light conditions

Features: Large selection of shapes, colours and sizes

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