NorthGlass 23-meter super glass up to a new high

NorthGlass 23-meter super glass up to a new high
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Date: 29 April 2022

15th April, the PMU (performance test unit) which is consist of 23m long with 6-layer SentryGlas laminations of 12mm ultra-clear tempered glass is unveiled.

The new born of this “super glass” again established NorthGlass as the benchmark in the industry, which is of great significance.

NorthGlass 23-meter super glass up to a new high

In 2008, NorthGlass developed a super large flat bending tempering furnace with brand new technology and applied such bending tempered glass with a height of 12.8 meters to the Apple Asia flagship store in Lujiazui, Shanghai, which shocked the world. This process was also written into the <<Steve Jobs: A Biography>> whilst being commented as “Create in China” by the industry experts. Since then, the domestic super-large-scale curtain wall glass industry has made rapid progress, and a new era has begun.

NorthGlass then kept breaking its own records, from 16.5 meters, to 17.3 meters, till 17.5 meters, at meanwhile, the Guinness World Records was set. The rising demand on high-quality buildings for the future has become the driven force to NorthGlass.  With the strong innovative technical team and the ultimate pursuit of glass technology, the super glass with a length of 23 meters being born.

NorthGlass 23-meter super glass up to a new high

From the raw material procurement, to processing, and later on transportation and installation and relative handlings for the NorthGlass’ 23-meter “super glass” is extremely challenging since there is no precedent for reference which, every process is titled as “pioneering work”. The birth of 23-meter super glass satisfies the ultimate pursuit of design, thus endows the building with new vitality, expands the indoor and outdoor boundaries, and integrates the building with the environment.

NorthGlass 23-meter super glass up to a new high

When 23-meter super glass stands in front of us, we reach the joviality soul at the top by appreciating the green tiles attach to vermilion eaves, the willow steps built along floweret courtyard; discerning the stratus with fascinate red and bright resplendent; enjoying the thousands of mountains and valleys, the vast blue waves; holding the view of all kinds of scenery in a single glance and experience the openness of vision.

So, in this warm and fragrant spring, are you keen to see the 23 meters long super glass in NorthGlass Tianjin with your own eyes?

600450 NorthGlass 23-meter super glass up to a new high

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