Formator: Celebrating 20 Years of Success and Innovation

Date: 1 February 2024
Source: Formator Ltd
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Formator’s 20th Anniversary Celebration

Date: 1 February 2024

Twenty years ago, Formator began producing safety laminated glass. Since then, its products have reached over 40 countries worldwide from Croatia.

Founded in 2003 by IMSA Group GmbH, Formator Ltd started its operations with a clear vision: to become a benchmark for special glasses, striving to turn architects’ and customers’ ideas and needs into reality. 

Robert Miklus, co-founder of Formator, explains, “Our spirit has always been to be a dynamic, customer-oriented company, with an eye always attentive to innovation. This has allowed us to achieve important goals and contribute to the realization of projects of global importance.” 

Robert Miklus, co-owner at Formator, and Giovanni Miklus, co-owner and founder at IMSA Group GmbH
Robert Miklus, co-owner at Formator, and Giovanni Miklus, co-owner and founder at IMSA Group GmbH


In fact, Formator’s glass is present in many prominent buildings, such as “The Shard” in London, “The Vessel” in New York, “Tour Odeon” in Monte Carlo, “Freedom Bridge” in Georgia, and “Doha Airport” in Qatar. In addition, more than 80 ships worldwide are equipped with Formator laminated glass.

"The Vessel", New York
"The Vessel", New York


Pioneers in the production of laminated glasses with SentryGlas® for the marine sector

In 2007, Formator delivered laminated glasses with a SentryGlas® interlayer for the Ruby Princess cruise ship. Robert Miklus says, “This was the first time that SentryGlas® was used in the marine sector, an environment notoriously hostile due to salt, humidity, and sun. In the end, after a couple of years, it was seen that the product is very valid, and over the years, it has been used more and more by different shipyards. Today, in the marine sector, the use of SentryGlas® is the norm.”

Ruby Princess
Ruby Princess | Photo: Alexxx Malev, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Over 12,000 units of "Smart" Glass produced

Robert says, “From 2009 to today, we have produced over 12,000 units of Privastar® glass, glass used for various applications in interiors. The technology used is PDLC, where the film containing liquid crystals allows the glass to go from a transparent state to a translucent one. I prefer to call this glass ‘privacy glass,’ as in my opinion, ‘smart glass’ can only be called dynamic electrochromic glass.”


Laminated glasses with different interlayers and different materials

In addition to the “traditional” safety laminated glass, which uses PVB or SentryGlas®, Formator uses polyurethane, EVA, and stiff PVB for various applications. These interlayers are combined with metal nets inserted between two glasses, metal elements for glass-metal applications, plastic elements, etc. “The most fascinating application, in my opinion, was the onyx stone that we laminated between two glasses. This glass was then used for the window of a church,” Robert Miklus recounts.


Leaders in electrically heated glasses for ship wheelhouses

Fifteen years ago, Formator also began specializing in the production of electrically heated glasses for the marine sector, over time becoming one of the European leaders. In fact, in 15 years, it has produced more than 2,500 units of heated glass that are installed on over 80 ship wheelhouses, most of which are cruise ships. “At Formator, we have an area dedicated to electrically heated glasses, where, in addition to production, we also carry out tests and research. In recent years, we have received more and more requests from the construction sector, where electrically heated glass can be used as a source of heating. We sell the electrically heated glass under the HeatVision® brand. With a view to zero-energy buildings, we foresee strong demand in the coming years,” Robert explains.

Valiant Lady
Valiant Lady | Photo: By Estevoaei - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,


Future Plans

Formator is always on the move, continues to develop new products, and aims to remain a benchmark in the special glass sector. Robert concludes by stating, “With a clear vision and a well-defined mission, we are ready to sail towards further successes in the coming years.”

600450 Formator: Celebrating 20 Years of Success and Innovation

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