VacuMax™ VIG: Where the Window Meets the Wall

VacuMax™ VIG: Where the Window Meets the Wall
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Vitro Architectural Glass

Date: 27 October 2022

Don’t let walls get in between you and your ideal designs.

VacuMax™ vacuum insulating glass (VIG) by Vitro Architectural Glass delivers the ultimate in thermal insulation performance. With R-values from R14+ that rival those of a traditional wall, VacuMax™ VIG units integrate with any glazing system and deliver insulation performance that is 2-4X better than conventional insulating glass and up to 14X better than monolithic glass.

With exceptional sound attenuation and reduced condensation, VacuMax™ VIG lets you turn more walls into windows. VacuMax™ VIG units have a total thickness of just 8.3mm, only slightly thicker than a standard 6mm glass lite, and can be used to replace monolithic glass without needing to replace the framing system, making VacuMax™ VIG an ideal material for retrofits and renovations.

To learn how the exceptional performance of VacuMax™ VIG can transform projects, watch our latest YouTube video and visit

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600450 VacuMax™ VIG: Where the Window Meets the Wall

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