Turomas commercial network in South America

Turomas commercial network in South America
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Date: 2 March 2020

Latin America is considered one of the most strategic markets for TUROMAS, which is why it has three commercial delegations: one in Santiago de Chile, the other in São Paulo and the other in Bogota.

The three points of sale are distributed strategically in the territory for the client to have direct contact with the delegate in less than two hours from anywhere in Latin America.

The ideal location of the offices makes it easier for customers to receive faster service and a more efficient assistance before a difficulty without the need to resort to the 24-hour Premium Remote Service, although they can also benefit from this service.

In each capital, the commercial delegations have cutting tables and manual glass cutting stock. They also have a complete parts and consumables stock ready to be shipped anywhere, in the shortest possible time, to keep the machine operating without interrupting production.

In addition to machinery sale and assembly, TUROMAS has developed a free preventive maintenance programme. With this plan, the machines are periodically checked to anticipate incidents, avoid shutdowns and save costs.

Other advantages provided by this sales network is the possibility to pay in local currency, thus avoiding foreign exchange operations, or to finance the payment in a medium and long term, and thus having the necessary resources to continue growing.

Turomas commercial network in South America

But the demands of South American buyers are growing, and to continue excelling in an ever increasingly demanding market, a good product at a competitive price and immediate service is not enough. The commercial and technical support is fundamental.

TUROMAS places at the disposal of the Latin American buyers work teams that, beyond the preparation and experience in the sector, are striving to improve their experience by offering an added value over the course of all the purchase process.

The TUROMAS commercial delegates and the Chilean, Brazilian and Colombian technicians know the name of each and every one of the clients. The Spanish manufacturer is aware of the importance to offer a personalised, human and close service, for the people behind the consumers.

Listening and discussing with them is essential to find out what they really need and propose solutions.


❝This commitment is the least we could do for all the customers who have trusted TUROMAS during all these years and has positioned us as the reference company in the sector in Latin America.❞

Álvaro TomásTuromas Vice President and precursor of the commercial attention in South America


Meeting of South America's TUROMAS commercial network

On 14 of January the annual meeting between the commercial network, technicians and the TUROMAS management team was held in Rubielos de Mora. An encounter that promoted the participation, exchange and collaboration in a climate of confidence.

Last year’s result was analysed, common work projects were established for 2020, and the commitment of all the teams was favourably valued. Without this commitment it would not be possible to remain a leader company in the Latin American market.

Statements of the Turomas commercial delegates

❝Reliability has always characterised TUROMAS products. This differentiating value, adds another key factor to care and create customer loyalty: an after-sales service that accompanies him and helps him get the most of his machine.

The Colombian and Central American processors of the glass sector have never known a company with such strong commitment for this added value in these markets. Not only a quality product is sold, but a commitment with the client is established.❞

Juan David Dávila - Turomas Business Manager of the Colombia Delegation
Juan David Dávila - Turomas Business Manager of the Colombia Delegation


❝As a result of the exponential growth in South America, our professional ethics obliges us to respond as we have always done by creating various commercial delegations able to respond to our customers in an efficient and effective manner.

In TUROMAS, we are characterised by the good treatment and by the good service, both in advice on the purchase of our products as in After-sales service. In order to continue to lead in customer care and have a more direct communication with the same, these delegations are a key factor.❞

Eduardo Nieto - Turomas Business Manager of the Chile Delegation
Eduardo Nieto - Turomas Business Manager of the Chile Delegation


❝We know that everything is in constant evolution, the manner in which we buy and sell. In said process of ceaseless change, customers feel confident to confirm that the company is behind them to give appropriate responses in the shortest time possible. The closeness and personal attention is always important, not only at purchase decision making time.

Being at the head of the TUROMAS commercial office in São Paulo allows me to transmit to our customers the assurance that we are very close to them by giving them our best service and attention.❞

Rodrigo Duarte - Turomas Business Manager of the Brazil Delegation
Rodrigo Duarte - Turomas Business Manager of the Brazil Delegation


Contact of the commercial delegations of Turomas

A team made up of commercials and technicians, officially certified by Turomas in Spain, are ready to attend to any machinery installation or repair needs.

Turomas in Chile

Turomas in Chile

Commercial contact: 

llamar Phone number: +56 944 773 325

correo Email: eduardo@turomas.com



Turomas in Brazil

Turomas in Brazil

Commercial contact: 

llamar Phone number: +55 11 98731 1427

correo Email: rduarte@turomas.com



Turomas in Colombia

Turomas in Colombia

Commercial contact: 

llamar Phone number: +57 300 433 0813

correo Email: jdavila@turomas.com


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