Sparklike: Enhancing IGU Quality through Insulating Gas Measurement

Window Manufacturer SKAALA Tells How Insulating Gas Measurement Elevates IGU Quality
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Date: 22 August 2023

SKAALA has been a pioneer, measuring their insulating glass units (IGUs) together with Sparklike for almost 20 years.

Window Manufacturer SKAALA is one of the most known window and door brands and its story has begun in 1956 in Finland. As they share on their website – domestic production, quality materials, and domestic work are still at the core of the company. On top this, SKAALA has been a pioneer and measured their insulating glass units (IGUs) together with Sparklike for almost 20 years. This shows their prioritizing to quality control which appears in their high customer satisfaction.

Customers must be heard and respected

Sparklike interviewed the Director of Sales and Marketing at SKAALA to understand what it takes to be one of the known manufacturers of windows and doors in Finland. What becomes evident, is that customer satisfaction is in the center of everything at SKAALA since without it there no sales. Therefore, the window manufacturer has focused on the quality of the products and measuring it in different ways. The development of customer satisfaction is followed with regular surveys. With the feedback received from the customers, SKAALA enhances and improves its services and products to be even better. That ensures that customer satisfaction is also advanced.

Windows are expected to be energy efficient and have high quality

Hautapakka tells how the meaning of windows and doors has changed from being a mandatory element in buildings to something bigger. Today, people think more about the features of windows and doors based on the needs of the building. This creates new pressure on window manufacturers to make products that meet clients’ high expectations. On top of the light, customers expect windows to be protective and give privacy if needed and thermal insulation.

IGUs have a role in heat insulation. Production Supervisor, Jussi Valli, at SKAALA tells that U-value which describes thermal transmittance, the rate of transfer of heat through a structure, is lower (better) if Argon gas is used instead of air. When Argon combined with different coatings is used, it gives the best protection and thermal control to the insulating glass unit – giving the best insulation. This explains why SKAALA measures insulating gas consternation of IGUs with Sparklike Handheld and Laser Portable. Additionally, by measuring gas concentration, SKAALA ensures the proper functioning of gas fill.

Innovations in the glass industry are related to insulating glass units

We asked about the future, Hautapakka notes that the leaps and ideas in the glass industry are related to insulating glass units. Different coatings, laminations, gases, number of glasses, and thicknesses of glasses impact the properties of IGUs. Therefore, the Director of Sales and Marketing believes that the innovations concern IGUs because they are in a vital role in energy efficiency of buildings and standards are tightening globally.

Window Manufacturer SKAALA Focuses On Quality – Read What They Think About The Trends In The Industry

Lastly, Hautapakka tells that the main goal of window manufacturer SKAALA is to be the most wanted and trusted brand. SKAALA is reaching its goal by investing in the quality of products and making sure the product features are up to date. Sparklike is round to be part of the manufacturing process of SKAALA over decades.


600450 Sparklike: Enhancing IGU Quality through Insulating Gas Measurement

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