LiSEC at glasstec 2018: we innovate for your success

At the glasstec the ConvectLam2 laminates flat glass in demo mode
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Date: 6 July 2018

LiSEC presents its product innovations at glasstec, which focus on the areas of glass cutting, glass processing, flat glass lamination, and insulating glass production.

In keeping with this year’s exhibition motto, “we innovate for your success”, the LiSEC employees behind these innovations are placed in the foreground.

The exhibition booth is designed to feature black and white photos showing LiSEC employees
The exhibition booth is designed to feature black and white photos showing LiSEC employees

Based on the slogan “we innovate for your success”, the Austrian solution provider for the flat glass processing market shows how the strong LiSEC team (we) actively applies their expertise and introduces its innovations (innovate) to promote the success of LiSEC customers (for your success).

This staffing concept is implemented using a very special design: The approx. 2,300 square meter large exhibition booth is designed to feature black and white photos showing over 150 employees, with a focus on the employees in the production department, who build the systems. 

“In 2016, we were able to greet 7,000 visitors to our booth; this year, we clearly raised the bar and increased our goal for the number of visitors and qualified leads,“ explains Filip Miermans, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications  at LiSEC.

This year, LiSEC is showing all systems featuring the new machine design that was presented in 2016, and for the first time, an area for GLASTRONiC is also planned. GLASTRONiC, a member of the LiSEC Group, is specialised in purchasing and selling used LiSEC machines. Depending on customer needs, these are also refurbished. The company has its headquarters in Hungary, and it also produces glass racks, which will also presented.

The LBH-B25ARS is an automatic butyl extruder for solid spacers
The LBH-B25ARS is an automatic butyl extruder for solid spacers



  1. High-performance machine for automatically cutting flat glass (SprintCut)
  2. High-performance machine for automatically cutting laminated glass (VSL-A37/33)
  3. Flat glass processing line with water jet technology (SplitFin: EPS & MRX-B Water Jet)
  4. Laminating machine featuring a high-pressure autoclave (ConvectLam 2)
  5. Automatic butyl extruder for solid spacers (LBH-B25ARS)
  6. Bending machine for “sharp” corners (BSV-B45NK)



1. SprintCut: High-performance machine for cutting flat glass automatically

  • The fastest cutting machine for flat glass on the market thanks to state-of-the-art linear drive technology
    • outstanding flexibility
    • max. acceleration: approx. 16 m/s²
    • Maximum speed: 310 m/min
  • few moving parts
    • low mechanical wear
    • less service intervals
    • low downtime costs
  • automatic cutting and grinding pressure monitoring
  • very quiet

2. VSL-A37/33: Cut laminated glass automatically

  • Low wastage costs thanks to trim cutting of min. 20 mm on all four sides
  • 30% more output thanks to innovative separating bar technology
  • Reduced staff costs via automatic glass rotating  and positioning
  • Clearly more precise (+/- 3 mm) than comparable solutions thanks to automatic raw glass measurement
  • Top-quality edges thanks to the dual cutting head (two each on top and on the bottom – different cutting heads can be used, and the heads move with highly precise cutting pressure) and Power-IR foil heating
  • 50% higher cutting speed

3. SplitFin: Process flat glass with water jet technology

LiSEC SplitFin is a new vertical processing concept that is simultaneously modular and fully integrated. SplitFin is oriented according to optimisation of the complete production and uses the special advantages and highlights of theindividual machines. In contrast to the all-in-one centres or stand-alone solutions this processing line is able to be used for high output of the complete line, but at the same time, the individual machines may also be used depending on the requirements. Upon request, the line may be ordered with an overhead overtaking line (VLO = vertical lift over), which ensures that the glass sheets that are not drilled or milled are transported via MRX-B.

LiSEC SplitFin components:

The core components of the SplitFin line include the following individual devices and systems:

  • EPS vertical fully automatic edge grinding machine, with one or two grinding heads and automatic tool changing, upon request.
  • MRX drilling and milling centre with integrated tool changing and patented LiSEC water jet technology.
  • topCLEAR glass washing machine, which is also able to be fitted upon request and later with a selection of vertical semi or fully automatic shuttle and sorting systems.
  • And don’t forget the integration, consistency, and compatibility of the software. Naturally, the system may be integrated with external ERP systems or supplied with drawing data. You can expect current visualisation and evaluation systems with all of the modern operating systems.

3a: Vertical fully automatic grinding machine with fast dual heads:

Key advantages

  • Fast cycle times via optimised operation for grinding and polishing edges
  • Rectangles and diverse special shapes and radii can be processed as standard
  • Table build-up and tear-down omitted (compared with horizontal systems)
  • Simple chaining with machines for inside processing or washing machines thanks to the vertical design
  • Optimised accessibility for maintenance and upkeep
  • Sophisticated tool management (e.g. automatic correction of polishing wheel wear, re-profiling and measuring, if possible in production-free times of the system, etc.)
  • Selectable with one or two grinding heads, and with or without automatic tool changer

3b: MRX-B: Vertical CNC drilling and milling centre with integrated water jet:

Key advantages 

  • Extremely fast cycle times:
    • Glass transport using sophisticated vacuum belt technology on the rear side
    • Water jet cutting head directly below the processing spindle
    • Process-optimised processing for round holes and cut-outs
    • Tool changer always directly on the processing spindle
    • Practically no set-up and loading times, glass inlet and fully automatic zero point measurement
  • Easy operation:
    • Standard processing can be programmed in very short time, even without CAD software
    • Automatic assignment and optimisation of tool types and diameters on the basis on the desired final quality
    • Automatic speed adjustment to vacuum conditions
  • Versatile utilisation:
    • Freely selectable running direction (upon ordering)
    • Use of drills, counter-sinkers, milling cutters and combi-tools or water jets possible.
    • Modular design with extending modules, extension possible at any time
    • Compact design combined with state-of-the-art technology for maximum performance
    • Can also be used as a fast individual machine  for combination with double-sided grinding systems

4. ConvectLam2: Laminate flat glass in combination with a high-pressure autoclave

LiSEC is showing a complete production line at glasstec (without a washing machine) in demo mode (function demo) for laminating flat glass.

  • Energy savings via intelligent radiator heater box convection system

    The pre-lamination system is operated with a full convection system. Thanks to the heating speed of the radiators of less than 60 seconds from approx. 25°C to over 900 °C, the radiators are only operated when glass is being processed in the pre-laminating machine. The system can also be set to half or full radiator width via automated width recognition prior to in-feeding.
  • Very homogeneous glass heating via special air convection system

    Thanks to the equal clearance of the top and bottom nozzles (independent of the product thickness) to the top and bottom glass surface, the glass is warmed up equally.
  • Exact pressing force/pressing path adjustment via servo motor-controlled presses

    The electrical press controls with servo motors on both sides enable fine adjustment of the presses.
  • Exact positioning accuracy

    Position precision is +- 1 mm on the front and operator’s side edges.
  • Adjustable with additional software and extra functions
  • Turn-key system availability

    If additional equipment like the autoclave and cleanroom are selected, we assume complete coordination for turn-key production of laminated glass and laminated safety glass.
  • Made in Austria – LiSEC technology & service

ConvectLam2 individual components:

  • Hydraulic support and tilting table
  • Inlet table into horizontal washing machine
  • Horizontal washing machine with options
  • Variable-size outlet table (usable as a possible buffer table)
  • Positioning station with options
  • Transfer with options
  • Assembly table with bays and electronically adjustable width adjustment
  • Foil rough cutting and additional buffer lines
  • Foil unrolling device for up to 16 foils or upon request
  • Pre-laminate machine inlet table (length is variably usable as a buffer including width and thickness measuring)
  • Pre-laminate machine with options comprising (optional) pre-heating zone press 1, two main furnaces and press 2
  • VVB variable outlet table usable as buffer
  • Hydraulic tilting unloading table

5. Producing insulating glass: LBH-B25ARS: Automatic butyl extruder for solid spacers

  • Processing of spacer frames up to a max. size of 2,500 x 2,500 mm
  • Precise, interruption-free application of butyl ranging from 1.5 to 4.5 g/m with a precision of +/- 5%
  • The application quantity for the straight section of the frame and the corner area may be set separately.
  • Automatic height adjustment of the nozzle, which is used to position the butyl application exactly
  • Highly dynamic rotary slide valve with volumetric flow measurement, adaptive control, and controlled electrical material heating up to the nozzle tip 
  • No shut down for material filling required and easy accessibility
  • Option to connect 200 L material drums

6. Producing insulating glass: BSV-B45NK: Bending machine for “sharp” corners

  • Spacer bending featuring a sharp 90 degree transition (inside) –
  • Very high-quality and elegant appearance
  • Zero-radius corner
  • Especially for hybrid and plastic spacers
  • Saw tool life increased via optimised spacer clamping
  • Patent-pending



LiSEC takes part in the event “technology – networked production and new technologies” at the glasstec conference. Thomas Fehringer (LiSEC Service) and Hannes Pils (LiSEC Software) will discuss practical application of digitisation, specifically using a LiSEC service as an example: Remote Service.The conference will take place on the 24th of October.

600450 LiSEC at glasstec 2018: we innovate for your success

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