Important for investment: the right timing and handshake quality | LiSEC

Important for investment: the right timing and handshake quality | LiSEC
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Date: 25 August 2019

Maintain a small and manageable structure, yet with a very wide range of end products which are exclusively awarded the “Top Quality” seal of approval.

Meet existing small customers as well as local premium furniture manufacturers on an equal footing and successfully implement prestige projects, such as the new Europaplein station of the north-south subway connection in Amsterdam. How does this work? Read the Wiesbauer success story.

Glas Wiesbauer GmbH & Co KG is a medium-sized flat glass-processing company from Upper Austria. The company was founded in 1929 by Heinrich Wiesbauer as a one-man business. Today, the fourth generation is at the helm.

Wiesbauer has evolved strategically over the years and has always been a trendsetter / pioneer since the very beginning. The company not only invested in the first CNC machine for flat glass processing in Austria, it is also one of the most modern glass-grinding companies in the country as well as one of the first processing companies to offer digital printing.

The company in Mauthausen is booming. Approximately 50 employees generate around 4.5 million euros annually. The secret is investing at the right time and relying on the right partner, for example, in the field of glass processing. Managing Director Gerald Wiesbauer-Pfleger: "We made it our goal to produce faster and more efficiently. Our competitors in the region also invested in the machinery - we had to react in order to be able to keep up with the prices in the end".

Wiesbauer was particularly interested in criteria, such as options for making cut-outs for fittings, compact dimensions due to the limited available space and an option for mounting the system on the wall. Wiesbauer-Pfleger continued: "Of course, we looked at and compared all the solutions available on the market. We chose Schraml for several reasons."

The Schraml M-RX not only meets the above requirements, its geographical proximity to the manufacturer also influenced the decision. "Two factors were decisive: first, we already had experience with Schraml systems and prefer their product and technology maturity; second, we see Schraml / LiSEC as a company with handshake quality, which is very important to us," added Managing Director Michaela Wiesbauer.  

The Upper Austrian flat glass-processing company caused a sensation when it landed a project in Amsterdam and was awarded the 2018 Handwerkspreis (Craftsmanship Award) for its work. This order involved the implementation of a concept by the Dutch artist Gerald van der Kaap, who was commissioned by the city of Amsterdam to (creatively) design the Europaplein station of the new north-south subway line.

In January 2016, he came across Wiesbauer while searching for companies throughout Europe that could convert his design into glass. It was important to the customer that the supplier of this glass wall covering could manufacture and deliver everything from one source in one factory.

Important for investment: the right timing and handshake quality



  • Laminated safety glass VSG consisting of: 6mm white toughened Arena C glass and 6mm toughened Mirastar glass
  • Edges machined, with countersunk holes for suspension, some with cut-outs
  • UV printing in several layers with depth effect
  • Laminated with EVA foil
  • Total: 632 pieces, 1,360 m², 40 tons
  • Period of time: September 2017 – March 2018, four partial deliveries on agreed dates
  • The glass lites were sorted in the correct installation order on the transport racks

The bar was high, very high. Wiesbauer-Pfleger: "The end product was a completely new innovation for us. The printing in several layers in order to achieve the 3D effect with the reflection of the toughened glass mirror from the lowest layer was tested and "developed" according to the artist’s visual preferences. Then we made samples and had them professionally tested. It was like a puzzle - each piece was unique. The countersunk holes also had to be exact, since the substructure including fastening points was already in place. In the end, the M-RX delivered outstanding results."



The topdrill M-RX is a vertical double-sided glass drilling and milling machine that stands out due to the extremely fast, highly flexible and uncomplicated processing of flat glass. Complex milling cut-outs, drilled and countersunk holes are possible in one working process. Thanks to the diverse programming possibilities and the short cycle time, the system is perfect for medium-sized operations.

Important for investment: the right timing and handshake quality



  • Rapid installation and start-up
  • Two types of tool changers are available
  • Modular construction
  • Continuous production without loading times
  • More flexible product changeover
  • Highly dynamic vacuum system for perfect fixing
  • Simple operation and programming without CAD knowledge
  • Clever interface for software programs
600450 Important for investment: the right timing and handshake quality | LiSEC

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