CMS Glass Technology: High productivity in compact spaces!

Date: 15 December 2021
CMS: High productivity in compact spaces!
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Date: 15 December 2021

One of the most efficient and highly productive ways to process glass sheets is the use of vertical machining centers.

Practical example

A few figures on the production of a shower cabin:

  • 5'40" production time for a complete shower door
  • 41% decrease in amount of production time compared to stand-alone machining centers
  • Can be 100% automated
  • Industry 4.0 ready

CMS: High productivity in compact spaces!

CMS Glass Technology vertical machining centers offer intense productivity in compact spaces.


The edge grinding operations are done in parallel with the hole and notch routing ones.

These machine models are available in manual loading-unloading or an entirely automated version, and, are Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 controlled.

Specific systems, Kart or articulated robots, control the automatic loading-unloading, as well as automatic paper stretchers to separate the individual glass sheets and single or rotating palletization systems.

How do they work?

The glass is loaded onto the in-feed back of the vertical grinder and is ground and polished on the edge of the grinder.

It then moves into the drilling-routing machine to route the holes and notches.

Lastly, the glass can be passed through a vertical washer and quality control system before being unloaded.

600450 CMS Glass Technology: High productivity in compact spaces!

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