CMS & Edil Vetro: the perfect blend of passion, experience and quality

CMS & Edil Vetro: the perfect blend of passion, experience and quality
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Date: 6 June 2023

The acquisition of the CMS machine has given Edil Vetro the capability to produce oversized formats, known as "Jumbo" sheets.

The CMS team had the great pleasure of spending a day in Edil Vetro, the company founded by Tommaso Sabatino and an institution operating in the glass sector since 1993.

Edil Vetro was founded in Montesarchio (BN) as a glass factory specializing in insulating glass units for windows and has grown over the years to expand its production range to include doors, balustrades, cantilever roofs and glass design.

During their visit to Edil Vetro, the CMS team had the pleasure of meeting Michele Sabatino, Tommaso's son. Michele Sabatino, who deals with machine maintenance and production assistance in the company and, together with his brother Piero, follows the company’s entire production side. Company management remains in the hands of Tommaso Sabatino and his wife Antonella.

It is a steadily growing glass factory that exploits its experience as a key factor in satisfying its customers. Always at the forefront and making pioneering choices, Edil Vetro decided to equip itself with a CMS ypsos vertical machining center following the decision to enter the world of design.

Acquiring the CMS machine means they can produce oversized formats, so-called “Jumbo” sheets, which may require complex processes that are difficult to achieve by hand or need to be shaped according to special architectural drawings.

“Nowadays, making oversized products”, Michele explains, “is very important, also because there are few companies equipped to do so, not only in Italy, but worldwide. We are a step ahead of them because we started earlier with the intention of being able to handle these specific processes.”

Today, the company continues to grow thanks to the passion of the Sabatino family, their experience in the glass sector, the quality of their products and the foresight with which they look to the future.

The partnership with CMS is based on a “smart” approach to technology and a shared desire to work passionately to give our customers the best, which is key to success in this sector.

600450 CMS & Edil Vetro: the perfect blend of passion, experience and quality

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