Switchable Projection Glass

Introducing Switchable Projection Glass Switchable Projection Glass is a revolutionary breakthrough in fields of laminated liquid crystal smart glass, architectural glass and home theater.

New features determine new applications which determine new markets.     

For over 25 years, no laminated smart glass can be used for front projection because of serious blurry and picture quality of rear projection are not good neither. This situation has been changed with Scienstry’s new products Switchable Projection Glass TM and Switchable Projection Window TM. Scienstry has revealed reasons why laminated smart/switchable glass always generates blurry and why front projection has more serious blurry problem than rear projection.

New product SPG perfectly combines switchable privacy function, projection function and energy saving function together. Switchable Projection Glass may greatly enlarge application scopes of smart glass and make building walls more valuable.

Switchable Projection Glass TM has following advantages:

1. Perfectly combine switchable privacy, projection and energy saving functions together in format of glass panel

2. With the lowest haze ever in clear state (lower haze than any laminated switchable glass)

3. Highest opacity at scattering state

4. Room temperature manufacturing process

5. Simplified manufacturing process

6. Less material used

7. Reduced 50% cost for materials and manufacturing in comparison with traditional laminated switchable glass

8. Hurricane proof and bulletproof strength may be made with 50% cost too in comparison with classic process.

9. Indoor and outdoor applications

10. Great energy saving function on applications of windows and glass curtain walls.

11. Allow to use suction cups to remove glass panels in production and assembly

12. Moisture resistance and even allow to operate underwater

Here are some videos for Comparison on Transparency (click underline words), Comparison on Image Quality, Comparison Under High Ambient light and Switchable Projection Window. By selecting right type of material such as tempered glass, Switchable Projection Glass may meet all US building codes in almost any application. This revolutionary breakthrough may meet broader applications and higher standards and lower manufacturing costs. Combination of switchable, projection and energy saving functions has been quickly recognized as an advanced and valuable new feature for modern buildings by world top architectural institutes/companies. As a new high-tech material, Switchable Projection Glass has been accepted in some landmark buildings in several countries.

Please visit http://www.scienstry.us/products.htm for detail.

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