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NorthGlass Tempering Furnace after upgradation
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Date: 23 February 2021

A letter of thanks from Germany for the technical upgrading of a SC-1B42 tempering furnace.

Recently, the international sales department of NorthGlass Tempering Furnace BU received a letter of thanks from the responsible person of one German company, who have appreciated NorthGlass for the technical upgrading of a SC-1B42 tempering furnace at the German Memmingen factory, and have praised NorthGlass service engineers for their professionalism and dedication.

Founded in 1905, this German company is the most famous family business in European glass circle with 70 factories in the world, its industry includes float glass, coated glass, building glass, automotive glass and other business. From 2006, NorthGlass began to cooperate with this German company to sell 9 sets of tempering furnace, installed in Switzerland, Germany, Ukraine and other countries.

The main work of NorthGlass in Memmingen factory of this German company was to upgrade the original SC-1B42 glass furnace equipment. According to the customer's request, this 5-week renovation was arranged during the Christmas and New year holidays in the customer's factory.

Unfortunately, it was in time for Germany to take prohibition measures because of the coronavirus severe situation, and NorthGlass overcame all kinds of difficulties to vaccinate service engineers and then they went to Germany on time to accomplish the upgradation of this equipment.

The head of the customer company said: “ everything went very smoothly as planned, and we have begun to use the new heating furnace to produce tempering glass. The new heating furnace and temperature control system can improve the quality of tempering glass, shorten the heating time and improve the production efficiency”.

NorthGlass Tempering Furnace after upgradation
NorthGlass Tempering Furnace after upgradation

This SC-1B42 furnace at the Memmingen factory in Germany was purchased in 2008. From the point of view of the development of convection heating technology in NorthGlass tempering furnace, the convection heating technology used in the original equipment is the fourth generation convection technology of NorthGlass.

Since 2013, the fifth generation convection technology based on the third generation high-end series tempering furnace - “gapless forced convection technology” and “intelligent temperature control module”, which has greatly improved the heating efficiency, temperature control precision, glass quality and energy consumption control. And these technologies of the NorthGlass high-end series tempering furnace have been welcomed and praised by the majority of customers at home and abroad.


At the end of the customer's letter of thanks, the responsible person of this German company also thanked Xueling Hu, an after-sales engineer of NorthGlass Tempering Furnace BU, and expressed his sincere appreciation for Hu’s five-week work in Germany: “ Mr. Hu was appreciated by my colleagues from the first day when he came to Germany, and he accomplished the work with extraordinary skills and expertise.” In fact, Mr. Hu is not the only service engineer praised by customers, and we have a lot of letters of thanks in NorthGlass.

Top series (T-Series)
Top series (T-Series)
Advanced Series ( A-Series )
Advanced Series ( A-Series )
The New Generation of Basic Series ( B-Series )
The New Generation of Basic Series ( B-Series )

Customers’ satisfaction is the eternal pursuit of NorthGlass, customers’ praise is the highest reward to us. NorthGlass will continue to work hard with excellent product quality and good service as always to give back to customers, and create value for customers.

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