MEC – MAPPI Edge Computing @ Vitrum 2023

MEC – MAPPI Edge Computing @ Vitrum 2023
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Date: 4 September 2023

This year at Vitrum you can see the future of the glass industry

Find out how technology becomes user-friendly and don't miss Mappi MasterGlass, in collaboration with Siemens. Visit the Mappi stand, and get in touch with MEC - Mappi Edge Computing, a set of solutions that goes beyond the limits of Industry 4.0.

MEC – MAPPI Edge Computing @ Vitrum 2023

Mappi at Vitrum will share with you the new frontiers of electronic data and process management, for the first time able to bring together efficiency, control, planning, data security, and speed of response. 

  • Every day: a live demonstration of MEC;
  • Sept. 7, all day: A Siemens technician ready to answer all your questions about MEC;
  • Sept. 7, 11 am: Mappi Masterglass with a Siemens expert, about how MEC will change Industry 4.0, and the life of every glass factory.

MEC – MAPPI Edge Computing @ Vitrum 2023

MEC – MAPPI Edge Computing @ Vitrum 2023

MEC – MAPPI Edge Computing @ Vitrum 2023

PRODUCTIVITY: MEC optimizes workflows, makes the best use of production capacity, produces more and without wasting time and resources

QUALITY: MEC chooses the parameters for the best glass quality, and then compares them with tempered glass: the system learns and acts, in a process of continuous improvement.

CONSUMPTION: MEC measures energy consumption accurately and continuously, to know how much has been consumed and how to improve performance.

MAINTENANCE: MEC, thanks to a network of sensors, checks the areas subject to maintenance and warns in advance if there is a need to intervene, avoiding problems and machine downtime.

MEC – MAPPI Edge Computing @ Vitrum 2023

600450 MEC – MAPPI Edge Computing @ Vitrum 2023

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