Master presents Shark Minimal: compact dimensions ideal for all-glass panel frame movement

Master presents Shark Minimal: compact dimensions ideal for all-glass panel frame movement
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Date: 11 January 2019

This solution, together with 9.5 and 11.5 mm insert versions, completes and universalizes the range of unidirectional movement systems designed by Master.

The global aluminium door and window frame market is moving more and more towards ever more minimal profiles and all-glass solutions, with sober lines and reduced overall dimensions. Master Italy is strongly oriented to this trend through its MasterLab Research Centre, which continues to develop innovative solutions for reduced dimension profiles, for both swing and sliding movements, in collaboration with major national and international frame and panel manufacturers.

Coming this autumn is Shark Minimal, a new unidirectional movement mechanism with 3.3 mm insert, to be used in combination with a 7 mm panel, designed and developed for retractable doors on both CE and R40 profiles.

Shark Minimal brings many advantages, first of all its adaptability to our innovative Minimal Design handles, characterized in the handle only version by a patented movement system that allows you to fix them directly to the profile via a simple 10 mm hole”, says Lorenzo LafronzaMasterLAB’s Technical Director. “Shark Minimal is therefore the ideal accessory for profiles with reduced overall dimensions, and is available in the WEEN tilt-and-turn systems, both with and without the mishandling protection system”.

Now ready for market, the system represents Master’s smart solution for all of its handle applications (Italia LineComfort Line, and the new Minimal Design Line) for all types of openings.

Indeed, this product, together with the 9.5 and 11.5 mm insert versions, completes the Master movement range, guaranteeing the applicability of all of its handles to the various types of profile on the market (both R40 and CE).

600450 Master presents Shark Minimal: compact dimensions ideal for all-glass panel frame movement

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