Leali Vetri Invests in LiSEC TPA Line

Leali Vetri Invests in LiSEC TPA Line
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Date: 8 February 2024

Leali Vetri and LiSEC - a long-term, successful partnership

Leali Vetri srl has been manufacturing insulating glass and glass for interiors since 1972. The company is based in Castiglione delle Stiviere, a town in Lombardy, and employs around 30 people. Company founder Bruno Leali passed on his passion and expertise to his son Maurizio, who continued and expanded the business, moving it to a larger factory in 1986. Back then, the company had already earned an excellent reputation for quality, experience and reliability in the installation of art glass. 1990 saw the company start to manufacture thermal insulation windows with triple insulating glass, which was enjoying high demand in the construction sector. In 2010, Leali Vetri srl (with one partner) built a new company headquarters with state-of-the-art technology for the production of glass products that satisfy the market requirements for sustainable construction. Looking to the future, Leali Vetri has now acquired a LiSEC TPA line for the manufacture of thermoplastic spacers.

Leali Vetri Invests in LiSEC TPA Line
© Leali Vetri

The company strives to offer its customers – including construction companies, window manufacturers and interior designers – high-quality service. Leali Vetri supports its customers in the selection, production and installation of products using leading edge materials and solutions. The Italian company focuses on the local market and sells its products within a radius of 300 kilometres of its headquarters. As proprietor Maurizio Leali explains: "This enables us to offer our customers unbeatable after-sales service, because we are able to process inquiries quickly and efficiently. Our main business is the manufacture of thermal insulation glass and glass for construction projects, which accounts for 80% of our turnover, while the remaining 20% is generated by the sale of glass for indoor use. We value the feedback and satisfaction of our customers and we are always ready to respond to their needs and expectations. We are also open to new opportunities and challenges because we are constantly working to expand our customer base and increase our market share." For Leali Vetri, when it comes to the company's products, quality is more important than quantity. Automation is essential to remaining competitive in a constantly changing market, which is why Leali Vetri endeavours to automate the majority of its processes.

Leali Vetri Invests in LiSEC TPA Line
© Leali Vetri

Cooperation with LiSEC began back in 2000 with the procurement of a semi-automatic butyl extruder for rigid frame spacers (LBH-25V) and an automatic filling machine for desiccants (A1RL). Over the years, Leali Vetri has been more than satisfied with the durability and high quality of the LiSEC products used in the Castiglione delle Stiviere plant. The LiSEC VL-1N sealing machine acquired in 2002, for example, remains efficient after more than 20 years in use. For Leali Vetri, LiSEC is an innovative, competent and reliable partner that contributes to increasing productivity, improving competitive advantages and reducing operating costs. In 2022, Leali Vetri srl acquired the innovative LiSEC FlyOver gantry loading system, which covers an automated warehouse with around 100 items. Due to the design of the suction bridge, the system can move diagonally above the glass storage racks when empty. Once a coated sheet has been unloaded, the suction bridge can immediately move towards the next glass storage rack and the loader can be tilted down instantly. This process allows minimum cycle times, as the suction bridge does not have to move out from in between the racks after each cycle. Following this acquisition, a combined glass cutting line with a 6-metre bridge was also purchased.

The Italian company additionally appreciates the good collaboration with the sales representative, who arranged for them to witness a LiSEC TPA line in action before considering an investment.

Leali Vetri Invests in LiSEC TPA Line
© Leali Vetri

"We believe that the thermoplastic spacer is the product that the market and customers need, especially when it comes to environmental impact. The greatest advantage of this technology is the reduction in resources realised at every level. Less material is required to produce the spacer, waste is reduced and storage requirements are lower. Furthermore, the performance of thermoplastic spacers is better than that of conventional spacers," explains Leali Vetri's Managing Director. 

Leali Vetri Invests in LiSEC TPA Line
© Leali Vetri

The company has invested in a LiSEC-TPA line capable of processing shapes and quadruple insulating glass in order to facilitate production of thermal insulation windows with thermoplastic spacers from the beginning of 2024. This line consists of the LiSEC KSD-A, VHW-F, RSVN, TPA-A, FPS-A and VFL-1F. The KSD-A from LiSEC is currently the fastest vertical seaming and grinding machine with peripheral discs for glass edge processing available on the market. The VHW-F washing machine ensures that the glass is cleaned before being transported to the frame assembly station with inspection station (RSVN), which recognises impurities and glass defects. The TPA-A ensures seamless application of the thermoplastic spacer with optimised cycle times. The glass sheets are then transported to the FPS-A gas filling press, where they are pressed into insulating glass units. The final station in the Leali Vetri line is the VFL-1F, a fully automatic sealing robot that guarantees the highest quality corners. 

Leali Vetri Invests in LiSEC TPA Line
© Leali Vetri

The entire line is controlled by LiSEC software. LiSEC Line Management enables the production of complete orders with different insulating glass combinations in a single step, while the line also has information on steps and shapes. The GPS.perfectscan quality scanner monitors each individual glass sheet and insulating glass unit for visible defects, resulting in higher product quality.

For further information on LiSEC insulating glass lines, visit: https://www.lisec.com/solutions/systems-lines#collapse-911 

For further information on LiSEC software, visit: https://www.lisec.com/solutions/software 

Leali Vetri Invests in LiSEC TPA Line
© Leali Vetri

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