Lattuada Industry 4.0 Project

Lattuada Industry 4.0 Project
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Adelio Lattuada - Holonix Partnership

In partnership with Holonix, we have developed the PLM IOT i-Like Machines software, which installed on our machines, has the purpose of collecting the processing data to track the usage both from the producer and from the user.


The software is composed of the following modules: 



  • Real-time tracking of the machine’s production cycle
  • Alerts in case of malfunctioning 



  • Maintenance activities planning and scheduling optimization
  • Malfunctions and downtime reduction
  • Interventions history and data analysis display
  • Reliability and plant availability maximization



  • KPI and alarms history visualization
  • Access to the machine’s usage reports statistics



  • Interface for the machines geolocation


Now available in the VIDEO section of our website the video of the Lattuada Industry 4.0 Project, to watch it now, just click HERE!

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