The first Schiatti digital event

The first Schiatti digital event
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Date: 22 October 2020

Cinzia and Alessandro Schiatti introduced the public to the new product supported by the video contribution of the double edging machine at work and the graphic slides.

Trade fairs every year generate business for 60 billion euro and give rise of 50% of the companies export that take part. 

Thousands of shows have been postponed or canceled since the beginning of the Covid-19 restrictions. The impact on the export turnover of the companies is incalculable.

This is one of the reasons that led most companies to transform traditional fairs and events into digital meetings.

The assumption also applies to us: on 7th October 2020, in Schiatti, the first digital event of the company took place. 

It is clear that a digital approach cannot be compared to a physical meeting and a virtual event cannot replace the physical one but in a scenario of reduced mobility such as today’s pandemic, Schiatti wouldn’t give up to keep in touch with its Customers in order to maintain with them a constant flow of technical, relational and commercial information.

What the company did in the past months was to develop the remote maintenance and service area and increase the necessary tools as virtual chats, calls on dedicated platforms to be always connected and continue talking with the public about what’s new; the digital medium would provide Schiatti with tools to facilitate spread and understanding of contents thanks to video support.

The webinar turned around the latest technological novelty made in Schiatti: the automation of the double edging machine for the flat edge mod. BFP35; the purpose was to show customers and prospects the technological innovation of the fully automatic machine, showing its operation and benefits.

Cinzia and Alessandro Schiatti who represented the company during the event, introduced the public to the new product supported by the video contribution of the double edging machine at work and the graphic slides.

The moment devoted to “questions& answers” was characterize by a  large number of questions, all relevant and specific as proof of the high level of participation and interest by the guests.

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