Fire Glass UK Partners with Adelio Lattuada S.r.l. for Advanced Glass Edging Technology

Fire Glass UK Partners with Adelio Lattuada S.r.l. for Advanced Glass Edging Technology
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Date: 27 June 2023

The collaboration between the two companies exemplifies the commitment to continuous innovation, excellence, and meeting the evolving needs of the glass industry.

Adelio Lattuada S.r.l., a leading provider of glass machinery solutions, is pleased to announce the successful installation of their state-of-the-art straight-line edging machine, TLR 10 AV PC H85, at Fire Glass UK, the market leader in fire-rated glasses.

Recognizing the growing demand for advanced technology in their operations, Fire Glass UK made the strategic decision to invest in Adelio Lattuada's cutting-edge machinery. The TLR 10 AV PC H85 boasts a range of automated features that greatly enhance production flexibility, an intuitive touch-screen control panel, and a fully automated wheels setting management system that adheres to the strictest industry standards.

The successful integration of the TLR 10 AV PC H85 with Fire Glass UK's existing production line was made possible by the expertise of P.A.L. Glass Machinery's technician, Brendan Macveigh, who provided on-site assistance throughout the installation and initial start-up phase.

With the introduction of Adelio Lattuada's advanced edging technology, Fire Glass UK is now well-positioned to offer flawlessly ground, visually appealing glass products, thereby elevating its market positioning and further solidifying its status as an industry leader.

"We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Fire Glass UK for selecting one of our cutting-edge edging machines," said a spokesperson from Adelio Lattuada S.r.l. "We are honored to have partnered with Fire Glass UK on this project, and we extend our appreciation to our agent, P.A.L. Glass Machinery, for their professionalism and invaluable assistance throughout the entire process."

For more information about Adelio Lattuada S.r.l. and their advanced glass machinery solutions, please visit their website at

600450 Fire Glass UK Partners with Adelio Lattuada S.r.l. for Advanced Glass Edging Technology

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