DecorGem Light: color-neutral light diffusing glass

DecorGem Light: color-neutral light diffusing glass
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Date: 21 December 2021

The glass that diffuses light

One of the most important aspects of the OmniDecor catalogue is its broad product range, which covers almost every type of application. The light diffusing glass DecorGem Light - white glass that evenly diffuses light used for lamps - is just one example.

DecorGem Light diffuser glass by OmniDecor is the result of a special production technology which gives the glass the ability of consistently spread the light coming from a source behind it. A bright white colored glass with a hight light transmission, even further enhanced thanks to the delicate satin finish.


The high performance of its light diffusion makes DecorGem Light the ideal product for bright ceilings in hotels, retail spaces, workspaces, theatres, museums, or to create backlit walls in places such as airports or shopping malls.


The etched version of DecorGem Light is scratch-proof and fingerprint-proof.



  • Excellent light diffusion and transmission
  • Available with etched surface (scratch-proof and fingerprint-proof)
  • Available with glossy surface
  • DecorGem Light can be tempered, laminated or bent
  • Doesn't change in color over time and doesn't add any color accent to the diffused light (neutral-color)
  • Sheet size 200x321 cm (78'' x 126'')
  • Thickness 3mm to 6mm  (1/8'' to 1/4'')

DecorGem Light can be cut, polished, drilled, bent, laminated or tempered.

600450 DecorGem Light: color-neutral light diffusing glass

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