AI tool from Viprotron revolutionizes glass quality control

Date: 18 October 2023
Source: Viprotron GmbH
AI tool from Viprotron revolutionizes glass quality control
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Viprotron GmbH

Date: 18 October 2023

Efficiency increase, better delivery quality and cost savings

Better classification algorithms lead to faster reliable results

The use of three different inspection channels in Quality Scanner 3D already provides highly reliable classification results. Viprotron has many years of experience and proven algorithms for correct defect classification. For example, a glass scratch can be distinguished from a coating scratch or even more similar optical defects, such as a bubble from a water drop, with a high probability.

AI tool from Viprotron revolutionizes glass quality control

Nevertheless, there is always potential for improvement, especially in the case of similar defects. In this context, the use of classical methods will not bring any major steps towards a near hundred percent level. The use of AI tools for self-learning is therefore the next step. But what process steps are required and what requirements must be taken into account?

First, the data requirements are determined. Thanks to our 20 years of experience in image processing, we have high-quality and reliable data sets. In addition, we continuously generate new data to close the last of the incorrectly classified defects with compliant data. In doing so, we use a reliable filter to add comparable data.

Our new Viprotron application software Rel. 9.x also allows customers to report unclear or incorrect classifications directly by sending us the error image and the correct classification result. We qualify this data and feed it into the AI tool to develop an even more sophisticated training and evaluation model.

AI tool from Viprotron revolutionizes glass quality control

The AI tool uses all existing data, algorithms, new information and the results of the learning process to increase the efficiency and reliability of the control processes. This avoids incorrect scanner results and improves root cause analysis so that no line needs to be stopped.

This leads to higher productivity, better delivery quality and more reliable statistics. The more staff can rely on the scanner's classification, the shorter the inspection time per glass. This increases your productivity. Low-quality glass is removed from the process, resulting in better delivery quality.

Better classification also enables more meaningful statistical reports for the quality manager for root cause analysis. Overall, these improvements help our customers simplify processes, save costs, and strengthen their image through fewer complaints.

AI tool from Viprotron revolutionizes glass quality control

Would you like to optimize your processes through artificial intelligence?

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600450 AI tool from Viprotron revolutionizes glass quality control

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