Adelio Lattuada - Holonix Partnership

Adelio Lattuada - Holonix Partnership
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In accordance with the Industry 4.0 National Plan we have started working together with Holonix.

In accordance with the Industry 4.0 National Plan we have started working together with Holonix, a Milan Polytechnic spin-off, which with an experience of more than a decade, deals with the enhancement of the manufacturing processes’ efficiency, as well as the analysis, consultancy and implementation of Internet of Things solutions.


Internet of Things approach (things talk with us and communicate data) allows to release an added value to the product life cycle.

The PLM IOT i-Like Machines software, which we are going to install on our models, has the purpose of collecting the machine’s usage data in order to track the usage both from the producer and from the user.


The software is composed of the following modules:


  • Real-time tracking of the machine’s production cycle
  • Alerts in case of malfunctioning



  • Maintenance activities planning and scheduling optimization
  • Malfunctions and downtime reduction
  • Interventions history and data analysis display
  • Reliability and plant availability maximization



  • KPI and alarms history visualization
  • Access to the machine’s usage reports statistics



  • Interface for the machines geolocation


We would be delighted to concretely introduce you this solution at our booth E01-G10 - Hall 7P at Vitrum 2017, which will take place in Milan from 03rd  to 06th October.

For further information or offer demands we remain at your disposal. 

Adelio Lattuada

600450 Adelio Lattuada - Holonix Partnership
Date: 17 July 2017

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