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| The paper presents an overview of the work completed within the on-going research project “Structural safety of glass components” carried out at the Silesian University of Technology, Lund University and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.
| Thin glass offers a promising prospect for lightweight façades with reduced use of raw materials, also opening up entirely new perspectives for architectural expression.
| This paper focusses on the special glass part of the façade that covers both the ground floor as well as the first floor with a total height of 8.5 m and width of 6.5 m.
| The development of structural details in glass connections is the main topic of this research.
| Architectural preferences for commercial building continue towards increased transparency resulting in large lites of glass with minimal visual obstruction.
| The Glass structure of the West Balustrade in Eleftherias Square Nicosia Cyprus presented a challenge to Pentagonal in terms of 3D modelling, special glass fittings fabric, glass production, installation and testing.
| Designed and built by Bellapart s.a.u. between May 2001 and June 2003, the atrium roof and façades of the Endesa Headquarters in Madrid, Spain, have recently undergone inspection and testing to check for any degradation in the glazing.
| Currently modern facade buildings rely on glazed curtain wall systems. These systems include either singular aluminium alloy frame glass curtain walls or frameless glass curtain walls. This is the case of the so called spider fixing systems, which…