Sparklike distributor Inagas launches Day Testing Initiative

Sparklike distributor Inagas launches Day Testing Initiative
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Date: 4 April 2023

Inagas has launched its Day Testing Services to help its customers meet the increasing demands of legislative changes and quality scrutiny in the Insulated Glass Unit industry.

Due to legislative changes on the horizon in the UK and Ireland and continued scrutiny being placed on Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) manufacturers’ production methods and quality, Sparklike distributor Inagas offers Day Testing Services with Sparklike devices. Being the industry leaders for manual gas filling and testing equipment and official Sparklike Distributor, Inagas has seen the growing interest within the insulating glass industry towards accurate IGU gas measurement.  

Chris Kemp, Sales Director at Inagas explains: “We want to do everything we can to support our customers as times get increasingly difficult. Currently, the majority of manufacturers use an invasive method of gas testing which requires a sample of the gas/air mixture being extracted from the IGU. This method, although accurate, limits the number of IGUs tested and the size and type of units that are examined due to the cost of a destructive test. IGUs are often tested before the final seal is applied which can also give a misleading result, verifying the gas fill by reliable measurement as evidence of consistent product quality can be real challenge."

Service for Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) manufacturers’ to measure gas concentration

“Using the very latest, non-destructive Sparklike gas testing equipment, we will visit your facility and carry out IGU testing, accurately measuring the gas concentration and produce a report on our findings. The Sparklike Laser Portable 2.1 allows the measurement of gas concentration from 1-95% for both double and triple IGUs - from surface one to surface three in a double glazed unit and surface one to surface five in a triple - regardless of the number of coated glass surfaces, or laminate glass for IGUs up to 51mm thick. Whilst we are there, we can also provide training on the use of gas filling and testing equipment, offer support and advice on any improvements that can be made to the gas filling production method and service and calibrate any Inagas equipment.

“This latest initiative provides our customers with a way of proving that they do what they say they do. As market conditions continue to put a strain on manufacturers, we want to do all we can to support them, and we believe our Day Testing offering will do just that.”

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