SILVERSTAR glaCE | Glass Configurator by Glas Trösch

glaCE - the new planning tool for insulating glass configurations
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Date: 20 June 2022

glaCE can be used to calculate the radiation values of various insulating glass constructions.

The glaCE calculation program has proven itself to be a simple way of configuring individual glass build-ups and determining the relevant key figures. Now our experts have comprehensively revised the tool. In the new version, which works on both desktop and mobile devices, users receive not only the technical values but also a visual impression of the selected insulating glass solution. Functions in the project management area help to maintain an overview of the build-ups and support the cooperation of all project participants.

glaCE - the new planning tool for insulating glass configurations
© Glas Trösch

The new glaCE can be used free of charge and consists of three parts: The "Configurator" allows insulating glass build-ups to be put together quite simply by dragging and dropping, starting from individual components such as glass, coatings, foils or gas fillings. The so-called "Explorer", on the other hand, allows users to search for suitable insulated glass configurations based on specific requirements. Finally, in the "Projects" area, users can store and manage the glass build-ups sorted by projects.

The new glaCE has already impressed several expert juries. At this year's Best of Swiss Web Awards, glaCE made it onto the shortlist in the important "User Experience" category and received a Silver Award in the "Technology" category. However, those involved in the project were particularly pleased with the Gold Award in the "Productivity" category.

600450 SILVERSTAR glaCE | Glass Configurator by Glas Trösch

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