Schiatti Angelo: Meet the sales network - Lechner Srl

Meet the sales network: Lechner Srl
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Date: 16 February 2021

Marco Lechner, of LECHNER Srl who, based in Alessandria, has represented Schiatti Angelo in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands since last December.

As a fundamental part of our international network of sales agents, today we meet Marco Lechner, of LECHNER Srl who, based in Alessandria, has represented Schiatti Angelo in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands since last December.

Marco, how did you start to work in this industry and then with Schiatti?

The activity of Lechner srl began with my father Teodoro, who has always worked in the glass trade.

In 1988 my dad had reached a considerable experience and the retirement age, but he was so full of energy and desire to do that he agreed to found, together with me, the Lechner.

We started by providing the market with both glass products and glass processing machinery.

Service and competence have rewarded us because, day after day, requests for collaboration have grown, focusing us on German-speaking markets.

Many years ago, my brother-in-law, Emanuele Thierry, joined the company, and together with me, now he takes care of customers commercial relationships in order to  supporting their specific needs.

Today we operate not only as a representative company in the glass sector, but also as consultants in various markets. In addition to glass products, we take care of diamond tools and of carbon fiber sector.

Currently we can offer our glassmakers many products: from the machines necessary for basic glass-processing, up to complete lines for tempering  and lamination.

Is your job differently today compared to when you started?


My entry into the glass grinding sector dates to the beginning of my business activity, when I began to offer and sell my first bilateral and straight grinders.

At first, I met the many customers, visiting them personally and knocking on the companies’ door, introducing myself. Over the years, Lechner Srl has grown and also thanks to our collaborators we have slowly become a well-known reality on the markets of our competence.

The quality of our work has become a guarantee and it has been no longer necessary to physically knock on doors, but only to welcome – with the same, unchanged enthusiasm – the requests of known and new customers.

Following the various experiences done together with the companies represented, we have become partners both of industry and of big and small companies in the trade and processing of glass.

Tell us about the last success that made you proud of your work


Each sale represents for us an endpoint reached after a long path of work and negotiations, but also a starting point, which provides us the opportunity to grow together with our customers and suppliers.

We usually consider ourselves as a living part of the supplier company, partners in a path to share with our customers, which we hope to see satisfied and loyal.

Why and how did the meeting with Schiatti happen?

For years Schiatti has been our competitor in the production of glass processing machines. We have always followed their evolution, with respect and attention due to a competitor.

Then we met and mutual esteem turned into an important project of active collaboration, oriented to the growth and benefit of both.

What distinguishes Schiatti from the other glass production machinery?

I could verify great technological developments on Schiatti's machinery and these, combined with company seriousness, convinced me of the goodness of our collaboration.
We share the same goal: getting closer and closer to requires’ market in terms of innovation, technology and customer service.
Today more than ever, Schiatti is projected towards the most modern technologies, keeping unchanged technical and mechanical characteristics that have always made their machines reliable.

Reliability and quality, combined with seriousness corporate and with desire to constantly improve, are an excellent business card for the future.

What is your forecast for the future of the glass market?

To date, the market reached high levels of quality and quantity.
Our world is constantly evolving and we think that the markets we serve, need high-level products, to meet the demanding quality research.

We have already achieved high standards, but the challenge for further improvement is always accepted with enthusiasm.

With Schiatti and our customers we will certainly be able to offer the best of us!

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