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The two latest innovations from LiSEC in the field of laminated glass production are specifically aimed at addressing customer needs.

The pre-lamination line introduced at this year's glasstec, with a new horizontal washing machine and a press, ensures maximum precision and flexibility, even when shapes or special laminating foils are processed.


LiSEC's new horizontal washing machine has been especially designed to wash glasses with all types of sensitive coatings, glass sheets to be coated after the washing process, as well as laminated glass and tempered glass with a good planarity.

Thanks to the revolutionary patented system of guided air flows, glass sheets are only touched by soft bristle brushes on top. These brushes can be lifted pneumatically when glass sheets with highly sensitive coatings are washed. The washer then serves as a spraying zone only and leaves no marks on the glass surface. Furthermore, the new system ensures that less water remains on the glass surface when plates are transported to the drying section, which results in faster drying cycles.

The washing machine is equipped with two blowers that generate two closed air flow circuits. They are fitted on top of the washer and ensure optimal washing and drying performance. Additionally, steps, safety grating and a safety railing are provided to guarantee easy and safe access to the blowers.

The new washing machine has a wide variety of applications: it can be used as a stand-alone system with infeed and outfeed conveyors, placed upstream to the tempering furnace with batch building options or to a laminated glass line. Furthermore, it can be placed after a double edger or horizontal CNC processing line, or upstream to a printing or coating line. The machine is capable of processing glass plates with a width of up to 3,300 mm.

The second innovation LiSEC introduced lately is the new press, which automatically distributes the pressing force across the whole glass surface, independent of the sheet's width, length, loading position or orientation.

It uses just one power source to apply the necessary pressing force to the top mangle. A mechanical level system is responsible for distributing a pressing force of up to 90,000N across the entire width of the mangle. A sensor on the infeed side detects the thickness and shape of the glass to be pressed. This development has considerably improved the quality of shaped laminated glass, since it automatically adjusts the pressing force applied to the shape to be pressed.

The press can process all kinds of interlayers, such as PVB, EVA and SentryGlas® by DuPontTM. The operator has to only set one parameter, while the press automatically detects and adjusts the pressing force according to the glass size.

LiSEC's two newly introduced machines have received a very positive response. They make laminated glass production much simpler and smoother and significantly enhance the quality of the end product, even when shapes or special laminating films are involved.

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