Lacobel: the Look of Varnish, the Benefits of Glass

Lacobel is a clear glass, one side of which is coated with a high-quality paint. The painted side is always protected by positioning it against the supporting structure.

This process not only makes it less sensitive to staining and scratching, but ensures a long-lasting appearance. It is now available in 37 colours.

With its Lacobel brand of glasses, Glaverbel offers multiple design-oriented and original solutions, not just for the furniture industry (wardrobe doors, shower screens and so forth), but also for interior decoration. Examples of this can be seen in the two interesting projects described below. They each used wall cladding and in both cases the many benefits of Lacobel varnished glass provided the perfect answer to the specific project requirements.

3,500 m² of Lacobel glass at the University of San Sebastián (Spain): an anti-graffiti solution

The original brief focused on two areas. First, there were the aesthetic and architectural considerations related to the fact that the site is an engineering school. The architects wanted to highlight all of the functional components of the building (heating ducts, electrical installations, fire extinguishers). This goal was achieved by opting for Soft White 9010 from the Lacobel range. Used as a wall cladding, this highly reflective white varnished glass not only highlights elements which are normally concealed by walls or sidings, but also increases the level of light within the building.
Secondly, there were the practical considerations associated with the fact that the site is a university building. Lacobel's decorative glass surface is easy to maintain, resulting in a significant reduction in the university's cleaning and painting costs -- especially with regard to graffiti that so often adorns the walls of university buildings.

Wall cladding in Lacobel Metal Blue for the restaurant at Sony's European headquarters in Brussels (Belgium)

Company restaurants have there own special requirements. Sony was looking for an attractive, practical and safe cladding for the restaurant at its European headquarters in Brussels.

In practical terms, the benefits of varnished glass soon came to the fore compared to alternative wall claddings such as tiles, wallpaper, paint. In terms of appearance, the metallic blue from Glaverbel’s range of 37 colours perfectly reflects the company's image as a modern corporation at the leading edge of technology.

Where safety glazing was required the SAFE version of Lacobel was used. This version features a safety film applied to the back of the varnished glass. The film enhances the mechanical strength of the glass and protects it from scratches and moisture in certain situations. If the glass is broken, the shards adhere to the film, preventing injury and damage.

600450 Lacobel: the Look of Varnish, the Benefits of Glass

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