Guardian SunGuard® - Cool glass for cooler buildings

Guardian SunGuard® - Cool glass for cooler buildings
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SunGuard® coated solar control glass allows sunlight to pass through windows and façades while radiating and reflecting away a large proportion of the sun’s heat. This means indoor space remains bright and much cooler than if regular glass were used.

SunGuard® pushes the boundaries of what is possible in structural glass, providing the optimum balance between how the glass performs and how it looks – keeping your inside spaces cool in the warmer months and looking visually stunning.

People have a natural attraction and need for daylight. Studies have shown that a proper daylighting plan for a building can help increase peoples’ concentration and have a positive impact on their wellbeing, productivity and sense of satisfaction – helping to create a healthier, more comfortable place for people to work or live. SunGuard® lets you build with light.

Choosing the right glass can have financial benefits too, in the form of energy savings. Glass with optimum solar and thermal insulation properties can help reduce the need for air conditioning in the warmer months and heating in the colder months.

The glass looks cool too – with its exceptional clarity, neutral transparency, low reflection and consistent colour. For architects, there are no limits to how cool their building can look. With our SunGuard range, the possibilities are endless. Choose from a palette of different colours or opt for a more neutral appearance from our new SNX range. We even have a highly reflective option that allows your building to virtually disappear in its surroundings.

So be inspired, be creative, let your imagination run wild and choose SunGuard® for your next project.



For cool looks and exceptional solar control, our solution is Guardian SunGuard®.

Guardian SunGuard® SNX 50

If it’s exceptional clarity, neutrality and a crystal-like appearance that you desire for a façade, as well as optimum solar control and thermal insulation, look no further than Guardian SunGuard® SNX 50. It has a beautiful, neutral transparent appearance, low reflection and consistent colour.

The glass can even be laminated to provide extra safety, security or noise reduction. For exceptional clarity and a crystal-like appearance, SNX 50 can be applied on Guardian UltraClear® low-iron float glass (SunGuard® SNX 50 Ultra) to give your project that extra touch of class.


Guardian SunGuard® SNX 60

Triple silver coated glass for facades is a popular choice among architects and designers. For that extra touch of class, try our solution: Guardian SunGuard® eXtra Selective SNX 60. This triple silver coated solar control glass has even better colour consistency, exceptional clarity and a crystal-like appearance, regardless of the viewing angle.

Internal coloured reflection has been optimised, adding a much more neutral tone to the glass when viewed from the inside of the building. It’s not just about looks though – the glass performs exceptionally well too, letting in a high proportion (60%) of natural daylight and just 29% of the solar heat – the best all-round solution for a facade. For exceptional clarity and a crystal-like appearance, SNX 60 can be applied on Guardian UltraClear® low-iron float glass (SunGuard® SNX 60 Ultra).


Guardian SunGuard® SN 75 HT

People have a natural attraction and need for daylight. An effective daylighting plan for a building can help reduce energy costs, while creating a more comfortable environment for people who work or live there. Our solution is Guardian SunGuard® SN 75 HT – a coated solar control glass for facades that offers the very best in terms of light transmission, while allowing good solar protection all year round. The glass also has a beautiful, neutral, transparent appearance.


Guardian SunGuard® SN 63

Architects are moving away from glazed facades with a greenish tint appearance towards glass solutions that provide a grey neutral appearance, giving a sophisticated, classy touch and look to the building. Guardian SunGuard® SN 63, our new double-silver coated solar control glass, achieves just that - and meets current architectural trends in glass facades and windows.

Guardian SunGuard SN 63 provides a great appearance combined with high light transmission (63%) and excellent thermal insulation, and is available in double or triple glazed units as well as in annealed and tempered versions.

600450 Guardian SunGuard® - Cool glass for cooler buildings

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