Glas Trösch Group: Healthy daylight, free solar heating and excellent thermal insulation

Glas Trösch Group: Healthy daylight, free solar heating and excellent thermal insulation
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Glas Trösch Group

Date: 3 July 2020

Healthy daylight, free solar heating, excellent thermal insulation and an unimpeded view of nature: these are the attributes of the modern wood and glass house whose expansive glass façades make nature a constant companion.

The floor-to-ceiling glazing ensures green views. The light transmission approx. 72% allows plenty of healthy daylight to enter the rooms, meaning artificial light sources are not needed during the day. The perfect place to recharge your batteries!

A very low heat transfer coefficient of Ug 0.5 W/m²K is achieved thanks to the triple insulation glass with SILVERSTAR EN2plus thermal insulation coating from Glas Trösch. The U value is measured to determine the heat loss from inside to outside, per square metre and per hour at a temperature difference of 1 Kelvin.

That means: the lower the U value, the better the insulation effect! Incidentally, in the cold months of the year, the residents benefit from free solar energy as the low sun warms the rooms naturally. If needed or desired, insulation glazing can also be used to easily meet all requirements regarding sun protection, noise protection and safety.

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