The First Fully Automatic Coating Production Line of NorthGlass Has Been Started

The First Fully Automatic Coating Production Line of NorthGlass Has Been Started
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Date: 24 September 2020

Recently, good news came from NorthGlass Coated Glass Company, as of the middle of August, the production and sales of coated glass had reached a record high.

The production and sales in Luoyang were 1.8 million square meters, while those in Shanghai were 1.63 million square meters and 1.83 million square meters respectively. Due to the strong market demand, although the output has increased by about 50% compared with the same period, there are still a large number of orders that cannot be completed in time.

The First Fully Automatic Coating Production Line of NorthGlass Has Been Started

Based on the expectation of the future market, NorthGlass decided to set up a new coating production line in Shanghai base, which is expected to be put into production in the first half of 2021. At that time, the Coated Glass Company will have three coating lines independently developed by NorthGlass, and its strength will be further strengthened.

The new production line is a super intelligent production line independently developed by NorthGlass. The production line of nearly 200 meters can complete the production operation with only a few people. The production line uses Internet technology to realize remote monitoring and debugging. No matter where the engineers are, they can monitor and debug the operation of the production line.

Its production capacity covers almost all single-silver and double-silver low radiation coating products on the market at present, with the fastest single-silver 30 seconds / piece and double-silver 45 seconds / sheet. The processing specification is 3300 mm × 4880 mm. At the same time, it can produce 15-meter long ultra-large Low-E glass, and the designed annual output is 10 million square meters.

At the beginning of 2019, NorthGlass integrated the resources of the coated glass industry and merged the production lines of Shanghai and Luoyang to establish the Coated Glass Company. Under the leadership of General Manager Gao Feng, the sales department of the company goes into the market comprehensively, improves various sales policies and optimizes market services. The annual sales volume in 2019 reached 130 million yuan, and the factories in Shanghai and Luoyang realized zero inventory for the whole year.

In early 2020, a sudden outbreak of the epidemic disrupted the sales guidelines set out at the end of 2019. The company's sales team changed the sales strategy rapidly. On the one hand, it explored the market potential of Shanghai and Luoyang, on the other hand, it provided products and services to customers in other places through online sales and WeChat live broadcast. The company's production department optimizes of production organization and management, improves the level of material and equipment support, and all staff united to overcome difficulties, and organize production with full power. That is how we get this gratifying achievement.

Shanghai Coating Line of Coated Glass Company
Shanghai Coating Line of Coated Glass Company
Luoyang Coating Line of Coated Glass Company
Luoyang Coating Line of Coated Glass Company

The production capacity and technical level of Coated Glass Company will reach a new level with the start of the new coated glass production line. This will also become a new performance growth point of NorthGlass in the future, which will help the company develop better and faster.

600450 The First Fully Automatic Coating Production Line of NorthGlass Has Been Started

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