AGC Interpane at BAU 2013

Date: 14 January 2013

More options for huge glass panes, solar control and design, photovoltaic facade glazingAGC Interpane is displaying a 14 metre long, 3.2 metre high sheet of laminated glass on its stand at the BAU 2013 trade show in Munich.

The glazing was coated at the Plattling plant and assembled into safety glass by Seele Sedak. Interpane can now deliver panes measuring up to 18 x 3.21 metres that feature solar protection and thermal insulation coatings. Other highlights include AGC Interpane's greatly expanded ranges of solar control and decorative glazings, enabling even more architectural freedom, as well as SunEwat XL, a laminated glass with embedded mono or polycrystalline photovoltaic cells.

The following sentence is printed in black and white (and in German and English) along the entire length of the glass: "In front of you stands a 14,000 mm long and 3,200 mm high coated laminated glass pane made from two 12 mm thermally toughened glass panes with a SentryGlas interlayer." The long text not only emphasises the unparalleled length of the glass, but also helps to prevent visitors from accidentally walking into it! The unit was manufactured specifically for the show. It was coated by Interpane at its plant in Plattling, Germany, and then assembled into laminated safety glass by Seele Sedak. But this spectacular glass unit is more than an eye-catching novelty. International demand for these kinds of products is growing steadily and architects specialising in exclusive glass creations want solutions enabling them to cover a complete facade with a single sheet of glass.

Expanded range of solar control glazings

Architects can take advantage of AGC Interpane's high-end solar control glazings to design trendsetting buildings that combine an impressive appearance with excellent energy properties. At the BAU show, AGC Interpane is presenting its greatly expanded product range and high-end samples featuring a triple silver coating that combines high light transmission with a low solar factor. These products offer an exceptionally colour‑neutral appearance as well as excellent transparency, even from oblique angles. World-famous architects increasingly want facade glass featuring colour accents, extreme levels of solar control for southern and equatorial locations, and products featuring unusually high or low light reflectance. AGC Interpane is showcasing products that meet this growing demand.

Comprehensive range of modern decorative glass

AGC and Interpane joined forces in July 2012, forming an alliance that allows them to offer complementary products. AGC Interpane's stand at BAU 2013 is the perfect showcase for the alliance's vast range. Most of the wall panels are made of ipadecor featuring digital printing, while the doors feature Oltreluce Circles, one of the new patterned glass designs. Oltreluce is the name of the new collection created by Italian designer Michele De Lucchi. The collection comprises three contemporary patterns: Oltreluce Circles, Oltreluce Waves and Oltreluce Space, available in Clear, Clearvision and Silver variants. One of the larger walls has a silver reflective surface, using the ipachrome Design multicoating system. On another large wall, AGC Interpane is displaying expressive high-gloss Lacobel glass, exquisite matt Matelac panes, transpa­rent photolaminates, a chameleon film (ipadecor R) behind Oltreluce Waves, photorealistic ceramic digital and screen prints, an artistic sandblasted New York City on grey glass, Oltreluce Waves and Circles Silver, as well as complete and partial coatings with ipachrome and ipagold Design.

Laminated safety glass with embedded photovoltaic cells

AGC Interpane is also presenting glazing featuring special functions: SunEwat XL is a laminated glass with embedded mono or polycrystalline photovoltaic cells, forming a glass construction element that actively generates electricity from sunlight. The extra-clear outer pane maximises solar efficiency, while the  inner pane can be made from clear, extra-clear, coloured or screen-printed glass, resulting in modules that meet both aesthetic and functional demands. Since the modules are made-to-measure, they can be perfectly integrated into facades, glass roofs, awnings, parapets and more. SunEwat XL can be used for construction in the same way as conventional glazing or facade glass.

600450 AGC Interpane at BAU 2013

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