The world's first installation of round solar-powered smart glass | ChromoGenics

The world's first installation of round solar-powered smart glass | ChromoGenics
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Date: 14 October 2019

ConverLight® AW is a self-sufficient and climate-smart sun protection solution that gives full access to daylight and views.

We are proud to show the world’s first installation of solar-powered smart glass. Our dynamic, electrochromic glass provide optimal sun protection for a better indoor climate and increased energy efficiency in buildings. ConverLight® AW (Autonomous Window) is a self-sufficient and climate-smart sun protection solution that gives full access to daylight and views.

Our self-sustaining dynamic window is powered by a solar cell integrated in the window frame and is independent of any external control systems. Can be configured with all types of ChromoGenics dynamic glass and is as easily installed as any standard window. Learn more about ConverLight® AW here.

ConverLight AW, our smart solar-powered electrochromic window
ConverLight AW, our smart solar-powered electrochromic window


Our electrochromic foil

The electrochromic foil we have developed has revolutionized the dynamic smart glass market. By using a multilayer structure between two electrochromic plastic layers, we create a flexible and lightweight ConverLight® foil. An electronic control unit automatically regulates the tone of the film and the solar transmission.

By applying a low electrical voltage to the electrochromic foil, the solar transmittance and tone are controlled discretely. Since the foil only uses electricity during the time when the tone changes, it is very energy efficient.

The ConverLight foil is laminated between PVB foils and two tempered glass, which keeps it weather-protected. Since the ConverLight foil is flexible, ChromoGenics can, as the only supplier in the world, offer curved electrochromic glass.


ConverLight® Dynamic

The ConverLight glass laminate is available in two versions. ConverLight 65 and ConverLight 75. The ConverLight 65 version is preferred when heat transfer reduction is prioritized and the ConverLight 75 version is preferred when light transmission and esthetics is prioritized. Both versions works however well in all areas.

We have the environment in mind during the entire life cycle of the product and an environmental product declaration published, where the environmental impact of the product is declared.

600450 The world's first installation of round solar-powered smart glass | ChromoGenics

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