Wonderful Preview of FBC 2019, NorthGlass Grandly Promotes New Exhibits!

Wonderful Preview of FBC 2019, NorthGlass Grandly Promotes New Exhibits!
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Date: 24 October 2019

Luoyang NorthGlass SiNe New Material Co., Ltd. a joint-stock subsidiary of NorthGlass, will launch the "SiNest" unit curtain wall for the first time on FBC 2019.

NorthGlass Booth NO. :W4.405

Exhibition Period: November 5-8, 2019

Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong New District)

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"SiNest" Curtain Wall

Luoyang NorthGlass SiNe New Material Co., Ltd. a joint-stock subsidiary of NorthGlass, will launch the "SiNest" unit curtain wall for the first time on FBC 2019.

"SiNest" Curtain Wall

"SiNest" is a brand new silica-based foamed material innovatively developed by NorthGlass SiNest Company. It is produced by the automatic production line developed by NorthGlass SiNest Company, which adopts the special technology of high temperature foaming, with the silicon in various tailings as the main raw material to be mixed and fired. Silicon is the main component of the material, and the nest is shaped like a honeycomb hole, hence the name " SiNest ".

"SiNest" Curtain Wall

The SiNest material not only inherits the stability of traditional Qin brick and Han tile fired products, but also realizes the concept of light weight, high strength, heat preservation, sound insulation, moisture-proof and other functions required by modern architecture, as well as the concept of green environmental protection materials. At the same time, it also innovatively integrated firing out gorgeous stone effect on the surface of the material, to achieve the high unity of "function, environmental protection, art" on the same material.

The appearance of SiNest new material will solve several painful problems in the field of building exterior wall. This is attributed to the following characteristics of SiNest materials:

Stability durability as glass and ceramics!

light weight as cork and high strength as brick!

Self – insulation and self - moisture - proof structure of the main body!

The highest level of A1 fire resistance!

The decorative layer formed by single firing with the main body of the material will never fall off

Have the appearance effect of natural stone material!

NorthGlass SiNest Company not only innovatively developed " SiNest " high-quality new building materials, but also developed building application components aiming at material characteristics, providing excellent solutions for product application for the promotion of new materials.

"SiNest" Curtain Wall

The "SiNest unit curtain wall" using light steel keel, light steel keel, inlaid steel bar, metal edge sealing, hanging node, modular joint and other structural manufacturing methods, making the new materials into safe and reasonable high-precision standardized structural parts,giving the architects the standards and methods to recreate. It becomes the designer's picture puzzle, to perform a myriad of wonderful architectural changes in the fabricated building.

"SiNest" Curtain Wall

If the building curtain wall can be classified as "transparent" and "opaque", in the past, all kinds of glass curtain walls have become the pride of "transparent" curtain walls of global architecture. Now, the SiNest curtain wall will become the new pride of "opaque" curtain walls of global architecture!


North Glass Super Glass Resplendence

FBC 2019, the Glass BU of NorthGlass has made a strong attack, bringing five NorthGlass super glass for the majority of owners, architects and professional audiences in the industry. These glass have been applied in Beijing Daxing International Airport, Huawei flagship store, Nike and other high-end projects.

Insulating Energy-Saving Glass with Metal Sunshade Net

The insulating energy-saving glass with metal sunshade net has been applied in Beijing Daxing International Airport. The super wide aluminum net arranged in the north can not only block the sunlight, but also meet the natural lighting needs of the Terminal, saving energy and protecting environment.

The insulating energy-saving glass with metal sunshade net of Beijing Daxing International Airpor has been collected by the National Museum.


"Air Cushion Glass" (Applied to Nike 001 Flagship Store in Shanghai)


Configuration: 8mm super white cutting and hot-bending SGP laminated composite low-e insulating

The wavy shape of concave and convex explains the future of the glass curtain wall, which is a perfect combination of energy saving and dynamic.


Double-Curved Glass (Applied in Huawei Global Flagship Store in Shenzhen)

Configuration: double 10mm super white globular hot-bending chemically toughened SGP laminated

The full texture shows the graceful curve of the glass, and shows the beauty of the curve of glass.


Big View Super Performance Sunshine Room Glass

Configuration: high – performance triple - silver and multi - layer heat mirror composite SGP laminated

Extremely high thermal performance plus extremely light weight, it is a bright pearl in passive house and in the daylighting ceiling.


Classic Glass Rib

Configuration: 12mm super white tempered homogeneous inlaid metal SGP laminated glass rib

The perfect combination of metal and glass is the bridge connecting the building and glass.

As one of the leading deep processing glass manufacturers, NorthGlass will appear at the 2019 FENESTRATION BAU China with new materials of SiNest and super glass. How wonderful? Let's look forward to it.

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