Why you should visit Vitrum 2019?

Why you should visit Vitrum 2019?
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Date: 5 August 2019

#1 To personally test Lattuada quality!

An absolute novelty will be the mitering machine model TLR 11 AV C PC, fully automatic and in line with the project Lattuada "cyberAL".

Some details:
• A-WR system: diamond wheels automatic presetting and polishing wheels automatic wear recovery (find out all details, click HERE)
• Digital ammeters: beside guaranteeing a fast and accurate measurement of the tools absorption, they indicate the wear status of each polishing wheel, thanks to a sensor installed on the corresponding spindle - they can also be managed directly from the machine's PC
• Brakes on all polishing spindles
• Motorized glass removal with portable push-button panel
• PLM IOT i-Like Machines software (Lattuada Industry 4.0 project): it collects the machine’s data in order to track the usage both from the producer and from the user
• New PROGRESSIVE lubrication system

Many more are available and can be discovered at the booth: come and discover the future...

The Lattuada Robotic Solution will have a special place: it will consist of two 11-wheels edging machines for the flat edge with arris, equipped also with a dubbing device (model TLR 11 DD PC), a fully automatic glass size reading device and a Kuka robot to connect the two machines.

Some strong points:
1. CUSTOMISABLE SUCTION CUPS: vacuum with Venturi system
2. HIGH FLEXIBILITY: joint processing of glasses of different sizes with minimum distance between them
3. AUTOMATIC MEASUREMENT OF GLASS: pre-setting glass size is not required
4. EASE OF USE: straight grinding machines standard maintenance
5. AUTOMATIC SPEED ADJUSTMENT: depending on the sizes of the glass
6. LOWER COSTS: just one operator required
7. HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY: thanks to the high speed of this system
8. CONTINUOUS QUALITY CHECK: access to the area
9. OPTION OF INTEGRATING: with other machines
10. CONTINUITY ASSURED: 10 thanks to the low maintenance required by our machines

In addition to the two edging machines above mentioned, in our booth you will also find the following models:

TLR 13 AV C PC: Edging machine with variable angle from 0 up to 45° polished by liquid cerium oxide. This model is part of the TLR series, which is the most used by the major producers of stratified glass for the heavy building industry. Addressed to all glaziers with huge production of glasses with big sizes and great thicknesses, it will be equipped also with a motorized washing machine on the outlet conveyor (model OT 300) and a PC to manage all working phases.

AL 8 M: Electronic straight-line edging machine for the processing of flat edge with arris, polished by cerium impregnated wheel. Having been conceived and manufactured using some of the technological solutions adopted for the larger series of edging machines, such as the assembly of the same spindles, AL M edging machines can handle high production levels. These details contribute towards increasing their useful life, while simultaneously reducing the required maintenance.

GAMMA 713 PC: Straight-line bevelling machine with 11 wheels for the processing of the bevel polished by liquid cerium oxide and with PC to manage all working phases

OT 2000/300/4S: Open top vertical washing and drying machine for glasses with a thickness from 3 up to 25 mm (on request up to 40 mm) and with minimum dimensions of 350 mm. Equipped on the outlet side with a black panel with inspection lights to help the check of the glass cleanliness degree.

CT 2600/500/4S: Closed on top vertical washing and drying machine for glasses with a thickness from 3 up to 25 mm and with minimum dimensions of 350 mm. Equipped on the outlet side with a black panel with inspection lights to help the check of the glass cleanliness degree. Equipped also with several sensors: glass anti-chute on the outlet conveyor, automatic glass detection at the entrance and to manage various energy saving functions. The regulation both of the speed and of the glass thickness are motorized, in order to guarantee a high washing quality on every thickness.

DELTA M4 - Automatic corners grinding machine for the processing of radium and straight corners perfectly polished in a single passage with flat edge with arris, pencil edge and other profiles (according to the wheels fitted on).

Visit us at VITRUM  Hall 7 - Stand C-01 / E-10

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