TUROMAS in the World: Mexico - Glasser, Correlliglass & Inova

TUROMAS in the World: Mexico - Glasser, Correlliglass & Inova
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Date: 22 January 2020

Glasser, Correlli Glass and Inova Glass are three Mexican companies with a long history in the glass industry. In addition to the origin and the long route, two more things have in common: the teamwork and the bet for the intelligent machinery of TUROMAS.



Jorge Gúzman“It seemed to us to be a practical machine, thought of the needs of the client, not the needs of the machinery manufacturer, and it has given us very good results.”

Jorge Gúzman, President of Glasser. 



Glasser, as it is known today, was born 30 years ago. Before, it was preceded by Vitrocolor and, much earlier, other companies. The last name Guzmán has been present in the glass industry since 1931. Jorge Guzmán, the current president of the Glasser business group, represents the third generation of the family business.

After having dedicated himself to molten glass and blown glass, now, they are processing flat glass and specialize in glass for household appliances. From its three plants located in Mexico City, Querétaro and Santiago de Chile, they sell to South America and the United States.

The main objective of the Mexican group is to offer good customer service. A customer who, every time, demands more quality and more precision in the product, the tempering process, the colours, the finish… A requirement that has led them to automate processes. Here is where the implementation of the advanced technology of TUROMAS comes into play.

Glasser and TUROMAS met for the first time in Düsseldorf (Germany) at the 24th edition of Glasstec, the world’s leading trade fair for the glass industry, which was held in 2016. Something that caught his attention was the configuration and performance of the cutting table, featuring technical characteristics that he had not found in other European brands.

In addition, “we found a practical machine, designed for the needs of the customer, not the needs of the machinery manufacturer; it has given us very good results,” says Jorge.

The monolithic glass cutting table that is installed in the Querétaro factory corresponds to the RUBI 513VAC model and works in connection with an MT 300 parting table. This table is capable of feeding three continuous lines of high production and has made it possible to manufacture up to one million pieces per month.

Along with the increase in production, the machine has solved several problems that the company had with “the loading of the glass on the cutting table, the zero point positioning, the speed and accuracy in the cut and the speed in the transfer of the leaves to put the next sheet of glass,” as enlisted by Jorge.

Growth has not only come hand in hand with new technologies that help to develop work better, but the human factor is and has been fundamental. “We like to work in a team; we like to make creative and collaborative work teams,” says the president. “Glasser is in our DNA”, that is their motto.


Correlli Glass

César Castellanos“It is important to have a solid brand like TUROMAS because if we want to be the best, we must be with the best brands.”

César Castellanos, founder of Correlli Glass.


In 1991, César Castellanos and Silvia Sánchez, husband and wife, founded Correlli Glass. At that time all the glass processes were manual, and performed within a working day that they knew when it started, but not when it ended.

The fact of starting the business from scratch and doing the work manually caused them to be surprised when they first met the TUROMAS cutting tables. The meticulous manufacture and robustness of the machines gave them security to cut large sheets of glass.

The marriage of Mexican businessmen has experimented with other brands, but ever since they found TUROMAS, they “have loved the way they have adapted to our needs and not us adapting to their established lines,” says César.

Compared to other manufacturers, they were also impressed with the speed and precision in the glass cutting; they also recognize that the TUROMAS loading system for lifting and handling the glass sheets has helped them improve the quality and efficiency of their processes. The combination in which Correlli Glass relied on was the RUBI 403VAC-6 monolithic glass cutting table and the MT 300 parting table.

In addition, the trinomial efficiency, quality and precision is essential for layer glass, whose installation is a current architectural trend in facades and windows, according to their director.

Almost three decades of experience go a long way and, ten years ago, they entered the tempered glass. Today, Correlli Glass has the largest number of tempering furnaces in Mexico City. The quantity and quality differentiate them from the rest because they provide 24-hour service, in fact, they were pioneers in quickly serving the customer at any time, day or night.

In the furniture, decoration, automotive and architecture industries, the Mexican company is very well positioned. Some of its most important clients include Saint-Gobain or the Posadas and Quinta Real hotel groups. Every month they work in the glazing and decoration of a hotel of the last hotel chain mentioned.

The Pachuca metrobus, the Mexico Exhibition Center and several of the most important Mexican museums are some of the most emblematic projects from Correlli Glass. More or less imminently, they have new and interesting projects in Monterrey and “it is important to have a solid brand like TUROMAS as our partner” because “if we want to be the best, we must be with the best brands,” says César.

Although the secret of the triumph of this company would not be possible without its people. “I love working while following our core values with all my staff, I think it is the basis of the success of any company of any kind,” acknowledges Silvia who, from the point of view humour and affection, calls “my sons” their almost two hundred workers between the plants of Mexico City and Monterrey.


Inova Glass

Gustavo Moreno“The cutting lines and the smart storage we have acquired are the most technologically advanced with pickling, vacuum cleaners, labellers, linear motors… and that has helped us a lot.”

Gustavo Moreno, CEO of Inova Glass


The origin of Inova Glass dates back to 2007. It started in the industry with a rustic oven, manufactured entirely manually. Throughout these 12 years, it has grown and has plants spread throughout Chihuahua, Hermosillo, Torreón, Mazatlán and Aguascalientes.

The Hermosillo, Mazatlan and Aguascalientes plants have their own name: Termiglass, Cristal templado de Mazatlán and Magnoglass, respectively. As for glass, flat tempered, curved tempered, certified laminated, insulated and painted (with ceramic paint or cold paint) are the types of glass on which they work.

The Inova Glass group has evolved towards the automation and simplification of the processes and, in the course of this gradual transformation, they found the intelligent TUROMAS solution to automate the industrial process.

The investment in automation, although it has brought greater productivity and efficiency, was motivated by a tragic accident at the factory in Chihuahua. A fact that made putting the safety and physical integrity of the staff above all.

Gustavo Moreno, as the head of all Mexican companies, is very satisfied with the relationship with TUROMAS. Professional and excellent are the adjectives used to qualify the work and technical assistance of the Spanish brand.

In 2014, they acquired their first smart warehouse, becoming the first Mexican company that had an automatic loader capable of fully managing the warehouse and the transport of glass. Today, they already three  of them at their disposal and they are in talks with the Spanish company to acquire a fourth one.

In addition to the trio of intelligent warehouses, it has opted for three tables for cutting monolithic glass and one for cutting laminated glass. “The cutting lines and the intelligent warehouse that we have acquired feature the greatest technological advancement including pickling systems, vacuum cleaners, labellers, linear motors… and that has helped us a lot,” says Gustavo.

“We are very convinced that TUROMAS is one of the best brands, if not the best, worldwide in cutting lines and intelligent warehouses,” says a Manager who is always attentive to changes in the industry, willing to innovate, improve and prosper.

Long and successful is the trajectory of Glasser, Correlli Glass and Inova Glass in the glass sector. Years of achievements that have been achieved thanks to the material and the immaterial; thanks to passion, tenacity, commitment and excellence. Four qualities they have in common with TUROMAS.


Interview with Jorge, César and Gustavo

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