Tamglass: More Capacity Shapes and Options at Glasstec 2002

Date: 7 October 2002

Tamglass strengthens the competitiveness and productivity of its customers through new innovationsTamglass – the technology and market leader in safety glass machinery – has continued its growth.

The net sales of the company grew 30% in 2001 and the company strengthened its market share in the main market areas. Tamglass has delivered close to 1,500 safety glass machines to more than 70 countries during its over 30 years of operation. In terms of net sales and number of machines delivered, the company is the world’s leading manufacturer of safety glass machinery. Customer-oriented solutions, a global service network and a comprehensive product range give Tamglass a unique position to lead the way towards a more visual and safer world.

At Glasstec 2002 Tamglass introduces three main topics. Its wide range of safety glass machinery for different processing needs offers more volume, shapes and options. For architectural glass processors more volume means 40% higher capacity and larger glass surfaces to be tempered and bent. New visually more attractive shapes can be processed due to the latest bending and tempering technology created by Tamglass. With the options provided by the Tamglass Maintenance Services organization, glass processors can upgrade their existing machinery to meet changing processing needs.

New shapes and flexibility for architectural, appliance and automotive glass industries

Modern glass architecture challenges glass manufacturers and processors with new designs and functional requirements. Tamglass architectural glass technology provides the capability of handling all kinds of glass dimensions – including large sizes – and has the flexibility to combine flat and bent glass with different coatings. Tamglass safety glass machines also meet the size, shape and quality requirements of all of the most demanding appliance and furniture manufacturers.

The trend of more fashionable and playful designs with new colour schemes and shapes in the automotive glass industry requires glass processors to provide quality, flexibility and capability. The Tamglass automotive glass technology product range consists of a wide spectrum of bending and tempering systems for sidelites and backlites, bending furnaces for windscreens, preprocessing systems, laminating lines, as well as process and quality control equipment.

As demand for safety glass grows, glass processors are outsourcing their service and maintenance functions and are focusing increasingly on their core business – glass processing. The Tamglass Maintenance Services (TMS) network of 16 locations around the world is the glass processing industry’s most comprehensive. In order to ensure years of trouble-free operation Tamglass has created the Maintenance and Consultation Contract (MCC), which is an advanced, preventive service package that can be customized according to the customer needs.

Latest convection and bending technology to be seen at Glasstec 2002

ProConvection and SuperConvection provide 40% more capacity and reliability for tempering all kinds of glass types. The furnaces are capable of handling hard-coated LowE, soft-coated Super LowE glass and clear glass from window sizes up to large architectural-size glass products. The new tempering furnaces are based on Professional Convection Technology, taking advantage of Tamglass’ long experience of heat control in tempering processes. To boost production, the company has developed an innovative solution for fully controlled convection heating. In this heating system, there are no moving parts in hot conditions and the air flow is directed on to both sides of the glass to guarantee even heating.

ProBend introduces the latest method of bending and tempering large glass sheets. The new furnace enables designers and architects to implement large bent and tempered panels at reasonable cost. The method is unique and cost-effective for large sizes, as the processing is done without any moulds. The shapes, sizes and thicknesses can be processed at high production speed with minimal changeover time. In practice, the changeover time is minutes and is related to the time it takes to call up a new bending program from the computer’s memory. The result is a real tool in building design, which grants a free hand to use large bent and tempered products in economical ways to enhance the visual effect in building design.

Automotive Plant Engineering and Concept Glazing are special services by the Tamglass automotive glass technology unit. Plant Engineering is focused on providing total turnkey deliveries for automotive glass manufacturers as well as improving the level of automation in an automotive glass plant. Concept Glazing service is targeted to car and concept vehicle manufacturers but also for OE glass manufacturers offering them development service for new glazings.

Active role as the leader in safety glass technology

Tamglass, which is part of the Kyro Group, a listed company on the Helsinki Exchanges, designs and manufactures safety glass lines and machines for the architectural, automotive, furniture and domestic appliance glass industries. Tamglass has a total of 16 operating units throughout the world.

The Tamglass Group’s Tamglass Safety Glass Ltd. produces demanding, value-added safety glass products using the latest Tamglass technology and is an important part of Tamglass’ glass processing expertise, training and R&D. All the latest processing trends received from architects and designers are forwarded to Tamglass machinery manufacturing.

As the leader in safety glass technology, Tamglass has taken an active and responsible role in developing the whole industry by organizing the Glass Processing Days (GPD) conference every two years. The event attracts close to 1,000 participants from 60 countries and features nearly 200 presentations. Glassfiles.com by GPD is a global web portal, giving access to the wealth of information and ideas generated by the Glass Processing Days.

Welcome to Tamglass stand in Hall 12, stand number E35!

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