NorthGlass has reappeared at Expo Dubai

NorthGlass has reappeared at Expo Dubai
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Date: 5 November 2021

Tianjin NorthGlass participated in the construction of the liquidity theme pavilion, which designed by company Foster + Partners, and the curtain wall company is Permastelisa.

On 1 October 2021, the long - expected Expo Dubai has officially opened. Expo is one of the world's historic and large international events in the world. It is held every five years for six months. Its scale, duration, and number of visitors to the Expo are unmatched among international events.

It is a festival for all humans, where everyone can learn, innovate, make progress, and have fun by sharing ideas and working together. The theme of Expo Dubai 2020 is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, it explores the power of technology and collaboration across three sub-themes.

Back in 2013, Dubai won the international competition held by International Exhibitions Bureau, that is the first World Expo in the Middle East. Expo Dubai covers an area of more than 1,000 acres, the overall plan is divided into three petal area, each area has a large theme pavilion- opportunity, liquidity, sustainability, and liquidity theme pavilion explores the evolution from ancient times to the digital era, and shapes our world by physical and digital mobility.

Tianjin NorthGlass participated in the construction of the liquidity theme pavilion, which designed by company Foster + Partners, and the curtain wall company is Permastelisa. The building extends from the foundation to the extension of the façade. Luo pattern and curved shape in external facade is designed to evoke a sense of movement, its high reflective stainless steel inspired by the aircraft wings forms the shutter structure, reflecting the light and landscape changes in the surrounding area, which makes the building look more active. 

The glass production started in 2019, during that time there was almost no enterprises could realize 4 meters large arc long bent technology due to the technology restrictions, and the advantages of NorthGlass tempered technology make it possible to produce large arc long bent glass. The reverse bent focuses on the color consistency of the film layer and the appearance quality of the Low-E film layer. This technology keeps the film surface of the forward curved and reverse curved glass on the same surface, which not only meets the unity of the glass color of the whole curved curtain wall, but also has a good appearance effect, thus winning the high recognition and favor of customers.

Considering the characteristics of the special shape and the regional application of the building, Tianjin NorthGlass adopts the thick plate neutral color and high-performance double silver Low-E glazing and positive and reverse curved (large arc long) energy-saving glass. Due to the overall artistic modeling design, different glass arc radii reach more than 150, so many arc radius can realize the round arc streamline shape of the glass curtain wall, but it greatly increases the difficulty of production, processing, installation and construction. In order to facilitate production and installation, the metal U groove is embedded in advance at the edge of the large arc and long positive and reverse curved energy-saving glass to realize the natural transition of positive and reverse curved arc glass and convenient and fast installation.

The outer piece of glazing glass adopts a single coated curved arc energy-saving glass, and the inner piece uses laminated glass, which ensure the building safety, provide excellent shading performance and a comfortable indoor space, high light visibility, so that the inside and outside of the building is integrated.

After World Expo 2021, the three major pavilions will be permanently retained as scenic spots, it is another main project of the World Expo after the Expo 2010 Shanghai, in which NorthGlass participated. The inheritance of technology brings the intersection of ideas, we can see the world from outside and the future from inside across a glass. NorthGlass has witnessed history once again and handed over a name card of Chinese curved glass.


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