North Glass Performance

North Glass Performance
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See how a North Glass tempering furnace would benefit your glass tempering process.


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John Haws, director research and development for HHH Tempering Resources

I’ve been with the company since it was founded in 1994, so that would make it about 23 years. A customer can expect out of a North Glass furnace a lot of cutting-edge technology. It’s very surprising how far they’ve come and how far they’re going with their equipment. They’re very good at looking ahead.

It’s been our experience with North Glass is that they’re on top of their game. They are not only manufacturers of equipment, they actually manufacture the glass themselves so they’re actually running their products in an industrial environment before they ever get out into the normal population. I guess that would be a way to say it.


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If you are looking to enhance your glass tempering process, consider a North Glass tempering furnace from HHH Tempering Resources. Email us today at for a quote.

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