The irresistible charm of the line | OmniDecor

The irresistible charm of the line | OmniDecor
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Date: 21 June 2021

Ideas and solutions for glass doors and partitions

One of the peculiar aspects of industrial design is the ability to define formal solutions destined to become “symbols of style” whose aesthetic strength influences tastes and trends. This consideration is at the basis of Wassily Kandinsky’s “Point and line to plane” study – synthesis of the lectures held during the 1920s at Bauhaus – in which the great artist reflects on nature and on the properties of the essential elements of shape.
Today, the vertical line is such a significant formal choice that it has become a real trend marker. Used on room partitions, doors, and shower boxes, vertical lines develop across the entire surface as a succession of thin bands of different widths. The emotional impact is increased by the frosting on the glass: alternating different levels of transparency allows to achieve original and suggestive stripy effects.

OmniDecor provides interior designers with a wide range of comprehensive and flexible technical and aesthetic solutions: a great choice of patterns, levels of opacity/transparency, and prices, enhance the adaptability and ability to personalise the project.

The irresistible charm of the line | OmniDecor

The OmniDecor range is available in three colours – extraclear, grey, and bronze – in standard thickness measurements. 
Use: doors, walls, movable partitions, interior décor, bathrooms.
Panels are available with both short and long side orientation.
Panel dimensions: 225/255 x 321 cm (88.5'' /100'' x 126"")

The irresistible charm of the line | OmniDecor

The irresistible charm of the line | OmniDecor

600450 The irresistible charm of the line | OmniDecor

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